A2 Hosting Affiliate : A2 Hosting Affiliate Program Review

A2 Hosting Affiliate : A2 Hosting Affiliate Program Review

A2 Hosting Affiliate: A2 Hosting Affiliate Program Review” will provide detail analysis, evaluation and assessment on A2 hosting affiliate program.

A2 Hosting Affiliate Program Review

A2 Hosting Affiliate Program Review : A2 Hosting Affiliate

With A2 Hosting affiliate program, you can earn a commission every time you send a new customer to A2 Hosting through your affiliate link.

What is Affiliate Program?

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money from blogging. Affiliate marketing is online advertising system that allows any online business to associate themselves with website or blog owners (known as affiliates or publishers) using affiliate programs. Affiliates can make money by creating sales, leads and traffic for the Merchants business.

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Affiliate can promote A2Hosting’s services through a specially encoded affiliate link. Affiliates can make commission for each sale referral made through their affiliate link.

A2 Hosting Affiliate Program Review

  1. A2 Hosting Affiliate Program Commission Review

The payouts for referring people to hosting website have a great income potential. Website hosting referrals is the most popular and simplest way to make you a great deal of money. A2 Hosting offers generous commissions of $85 for every referral by affiliate link, which is one of the highest compensation rates in the industry.

  1. A2 Hosting Affiliate Program Cookie Review

A cookie is a technology that works with web browsers to store information like user preferences, login and shopping cart contents.

In affiliate “cookie” is a life limit of particular affiliate program which defines the time period validity of a relation between visitor and affiliate, after visitor clicked on affiliate link.

If the visitor later goes to the target website during cookie period and completes a qualifying transaction (such as making a purchase), the affiliate is paid a commission.

A2 Hosting Affiliate program provides 90 days cookie life, which means any referral sales from your A2 Hosting Affiliate link after first visitor’s click will entitle you with A2 Hosting affiliate commission.

  1. A2 Hosting Affiliate Program Commission Payout Review

To get the commission from A2 Hosting Affiliate Program, $100 commission threshold needs to be met. Once your approved commissions has achieved or exceeded this amount, you will be paid on the “15th” of next month to the PayPal account listed in your affiliate control panel.

For example: If you exceed the $100 commission threshold on November 16th, you will be paid on December 15th.

  1. A2 Hosting Affiliate Program Second Tier Review

A2 Hosting also has a second tier commission feature in its affiliate program that means you can refer other affiliate marketers to join A2 Hosting affiliate program and you will get $5 for every new customer they refer to A2 Hosting.

Anyone that clicks on your A2 Hosting affiliate link and signs up for the affiliate program is placed on your second tier. You will get $5 every time an affiliate on your second tier makes a sale.

  1. A2 Hosting Affiliate Program Bonus Review

If you signed up for A2 Hosting you will get $10 bonus and you don’t need to refer any customer to get this bonus.

  1. A2 Hosting Affiliate Program Control Panel Review

A2 hosting Affiliate Program is offering an excellent affiliate tracking software called iDevAffiliate. It provides complete affiliate software solution, which is essentially a complex affiliates operation, management and tracking center.

iDevAffiliate provides easy to use control panel which provides accurate and complete stats. Affiliates can get marketing materials, links, banners, and can view essential transactions and earnings stats using the control panel.

After the sign-up process, each affiliate will have their unique user ID and password. After login to control panel all affiliates will have access to entire training materials such as videos, PDF documents and other manuals, which can help affiliate to increase their sales.

A2 Hosting Affiliate Program – Step by Step Guide

Joining with A2 hosting affiliate program is totally free and you just need to have your own blog or website to register with them. In order words it will cost you nothing to join the A2Hosting Affiliate program but you need to have your own site in order to get approval.

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Signing for A2 Hosting Affiliate Program is simple and straight forward.

Follow the Steps:

Step1. A2 Hosting affiliate program page

To join the affiliate program you need to visit A2 Hosting affiliate program page.

Click Here To Visit A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting Affiliate Program Review - Step 1

Click “Sign Up Now!” button to continue.

Step2. Your detail information for creating A2 Hosting Affiliate Program

You are required to provide below particulars to create your A2 Hosting affiliate account:

  1. Create Your Account – Your Login credentials
  2. Standard Information – Your Email ID and Site Name
  3. Personal Information – Your personal details like Name, Address, Country, etc
  4. Paypal Account – You Paypal account email ID to get timely commission.
  5. Terms and Conditions – Read and confirm the terms and conditions of the services.

A2 Hosting Affiliate Program Review - Step 2

Click “Create My Account” button to continue.

Step3. A2 Hosting Affiliate Account Created

Your A2 Hosting Affiliate account is now created. Your username and password will be sent to your email id.

A2 Hosting Affiliate Program Review - Step 3

Click “Login To Your Account” button to log into your A2 Hosting Affiliate Program’s control panel.

It generally takes 24-72 hours to get your A2 Hosting affiliate account approved and fully activated.

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  • Lulu Shadi

    hi please help me .. you said it takes 24-72 hours to get your A2 hosting affiliate account aproved .. but for me i didn’t recieve any approved .. i registerd since mars and until now i’m pending affiliate why?????

    • Nagesh K Bansal

      Its generally doesn’t happen. You need to email them on affmanager@a2hosting.com from your register email ID, your account will be approved in 24-48 hours.

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  • The 10 commandments of A2 Hosting.

    Very good information, A2hosting is one of the best affiliate program. Lot of reviews says that they pay promptly to affiliate. I just signed up as affiliate and let me see how it goes.


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