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So, what is Smooth Income?

It’s the smartest way to make online presence and income. Smooth income will strive to teach every aspect of online marketing which will also includes starting and managing a blog, search engine optimization and making money online.

Even though setting up a blog is incredibly simple, blogging itself is not an easy job at all; continuous labor, time and learning is required. It may take great efforts and hard work initially but it will provide you with continuous and steady income subsequently, in other words, it will be Smooth Income.

Reason behind starting smoothincome.com

Market is flooded with false explanation and reviews, these blogs manipulate in such a way that people end-up losing effort, time and money. New webmasters may get discouraged after facing such issues and restrict themselves going any further.

SmoothIncome.com is an honest and sincere effort to make blogging non-technical and straightforward, so that anyone can be comfortable in accepting it, despite having modest awareness of blogging anyone can start their blog easily.

What you can expect from Smooth Income Blog?


– Smarter way to Blog

M – Money making ways

O  – Online business opportunity

O  – Optimizing your search engine ranking (SEO)

– Tools you require for Blogging. (Resources)

H – How to open a Blog – complete guide


– In-depth knowledge on growing your website traffic

N – Non Technical Explanation

– Complete information on every blog topic

O – Opportunity to join Blogosphere (Blogging Community)

M – Making Backlinks

E  – Essential updates on changing blogging trends


And Much more…………………


About Me


I’m Nagesh K. Bansal, have start this blog for creative satisfaction, blogging presents me with immense pleasure and peace of mind.

I am presently living in lovely city called Gurgaon, India. I am blessed with loving family and two beautiful kids. My family inspired me to do something resourceful which not only keep me motivated but also help others to solve their issues.

At some point I came to know about blogging from Google search, after looking a while I found that internet business opportunity is full of scams and every next website is attempting to market you things by their wrong review or commitment. I had created this blog to make online business more transparent and non-technical.

I’m not with any technical qualifications; I don’t know any HTML code, still managed to start this blog, so can you. I will try my very best to guide you with every aspect of online marketing and in the process I will also keep learning new things about online business.

I close this conversation only for now by saying that even though I had started this blog “It’s not simply my blog, it’s our blog” and we will together make it awesome.

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