How much does the Average Website Cost – Blog Setup Price

How much does the Average Website Cost – Blog Setup Price

How much does the average website cost will explain on the average cost to start and manage a blog or web site. Starting a Web site or Blog has become effortless and uncomplicated with the increase of technology and software advancement. Anyone can easily make their own website with least of effort and average cost. You can choose whether to start with free or paid website, it really depends upon your need. If you really want to make money and expect any kind of returns for your efforts you must go for paid website where you are in full control on your revenue like income from ads.

Average Website Cost


The most essential part in making of website is to find high-quality web host, as the accomplishment of your website is heavily dependent on it. Major standard cost for starting a website/blog is highly dependable upon the hosting packages you select. So our main focus should be to find low cost web host which provides most excellent of services with minimum average website cost.

Average cost of a website – Fast Overview

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The Average Website Cost for any small business or a blog:

  1. Domain NameAverage cost around Fifteen Dollars ($15) annually.
  2. Web HostingAverage cost between ten to hundred dollars ($10 to $100) monthly. Cost depends upon the traffic volume and storage space.
  3. Website DesigningAverage cost between zero to eighty dollars ($0 to $80) annually. Cost depends upon sites dynamics and individual affordability.

Average cost to build a website – Detail Information

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To understand the standard website cost involved we have to break the steps and costs.

1. Average Cost for Domain Name:

Standard cost of domain name depends upon different domain variants:

A) Brand New Domain Name – Median Price

Average Cost around between $10 to $15 per year.

Buying a new domain name will cost you somewhere between $10 to $15 yearly. Every website requires Domain name to host online. It’s important to find good domain name which is closely related to your niche or topic.

B) Aged Domain or Keywords Domain – Midpoint Price

It can cost from hundreds to millions of dollars.

Buying this kind of Domain name not only helps you in search ranking but also specify the exact website topic you are dealing with. Aged domain or these keyword domains are reality and if you have one you can also sell it for millions of dollars.

Below are some examples:

  1. – Domain was sold for $35 million in 2007
  2. – Domain was sold for $30.8 million in 2012
  3. – Domain was sold for $9.9 million in 2008
  4. – Domain was sold for $8.5 million in 2008
  5. – Domain was sold for $4.9 million in 2008

C) Sub Domain – Centre Value

Sub Domain is a free domain name which is provided by web hosting company. Your name is clubbed with their name, for example: This kind of domain name is always on the mercy of their hosting company and you will have to pay for any amount if they decided to charge for it in future. Sub-domain name is not recommended to individual who are serious on making money from their website and want to take up blogging as profession. You will not be able to shift your hosting account as you will lose your sub-domain name and high probability of losing your visitors.

2. Average cost to host a website:

Web host is a company that stores your website related files so that it can be accessible on the internet. The cost of storing your files is directly related to storage space required to host your website, additional cost you have to tolerate for higher space requirement.

Cost is also related to number of visitors on your site, hosting company provides flexible range of packages which may equivalent your needs. Standard Website hosting packages start with the cost of $10 per month and go upto $100 per month and even more, depending on your requirements. Some hosting companies provide discount on their first billing which can make these average website cost more cheaper.

To begin with shared hosting is the most excellent option available which can keep your cost to the minimum. You can upgrade your hosting plan with the increase in the traffic (visitors) and website storage needs.

You may also find free web hosting company that can provide you with free web hosting services but it is an unsafe scheme if you are serious about blogging. These web hosts can disappear any time overnight, leaving your effort and time to nothing. If you want to make money from your blog and want to have full control on your website you must avoid free hosting services.

3. Average cost of website design:

Standard Cost of designing a particular website may range from free to thousands of dollars.

Anyone can get their website started with free open source software like is free open source website development tools which can make your website in seconds. There are thousands of themes (Designs) you can choose from, according to your needs. Anyone can also go for premium WordPress themes with loads of unique features starting as low as below fifty dollars. Individuals or businesses who want to start their ecommerce sites are most likely to buy these premium themes. Individuals who can afford or if their blog is making good income and they wants to give their blog more professional look than they are more likely to go for premium themes. It really depends upon their affordability and business needs.

Anyone can also take the help of a professional website designer, who may charge between few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars depending upon site dynamics. But in my opinion you will create a dependency on these professionals who can manipulate you for their personal gain.

With the advancement of software, you can make your own websites in minutes without any technical knowledge. Hosting Companies provides these open source software on their control panel, which can be loaded with one click and your website is ready to go.

So it’s wise to learn the trick of the trade and use the technology advancement rather than to pay any professional website designer for making your website and thereby can reduce your Average Website Cost.

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