Best Place to Buy WordPress themes – Premium Theme Guide

Best Place to Buy WordPress themes – Premium Theme Guide

Best place to buy WordPress themes” will provide you with every details on best sites for buying a premium WordPress themes. Get complete information on what are WordPress premium themes, its benefits and best place to buy WordPress themes.

Best place to buy wordpress themes - Premium Theme Guide

What are Premium WordPress themes?

Themes which are professionally designed and coded with advanced features and functionality, and sold for an affordable price are called premium wordpress themes.

A premium theme is normally have been built by professional web designers, with the specific plan of catering to a market who is willing to pay extra for a better product.

Why to Buy Premium WordPress Themes

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Seven benefits of buying a premium wordpress theme:

P -Price and Quality
R -Range
E -Essential Functionality
M -More SEO Benefits
I -Indispensable Support
U -Updates
M -More Secure

Buy Premium WordPress Themes – Detail Information

Free wordpress themes are often basic themes (designs). Updates are infrequent and rare, even no guarantee of its upcoming. The major difficulty comes with the updates; most of the theme developer releases a base version on and later uses it to sale the pro version of the free theme.

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Why to Buy WordPress Themes – 7 Reasons:

1. Price and Quality

Buying a premium theme is more affordable than hiring a designer to build you a custom theme. Premium themes typically cost between $30 – $100, while hiring a designer may cost between few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars depending upon your website requirement. Premium themes slash the dependency on any hired website designer, giving you full control of your website.

Premium WordPress themes have been well designed and coded, it have been systematically tested to ensure a quality product. You can anticipate a product that is of superior quality than free themes. The most noticeable reason to use a premium WordPress theme is the quality.

2. Range

For different types of niche (Blog topic) different type of themes are required. Premium themes can offer great range of themes that may cater for just about every different style of website you wish to make.

Premium themes cover about every need, for example magazine or news sites, ecommerce, fashion, cooking etc. Range for different type of themes is almost endless; you may have great number of choices even for particular niche.

3. Essential Functionality

Premium WordPress themes include a far greater functionality and features than free themes. Even small changes in free theme for non-technical person can be a complete scary, that is usually not the case with premium themes which are designed with almost every functionality in mind. Some of the best premium theme provides easy user interface, functionality can be changed with one click thereby making it worth paying for it.

4. More SEO Benefits

Premium WordPress themes have been coded with best current practice which help in search engine optimization (SEO). Premium themes play a major role in overall SEO of your website. Free themes are often developed with poor code and many construction bug or error which may hamper your ranking in search engine. Premium themes are clear coded which improves your webpage loading thereby helps in search ranking.

5. Indispensable Support

Support alone is the most important and indispensable point on which you can decide to go for premium theme. Buying a premium theme can guarantee timely support from knowledgeable theme designers. You can’t expect support for free theme, designers has no obligation to help you on any issue with execution or customization of a theme.

You can get support from most premium wordpress theme designers in the form of a support forum, email and ticket support. Premium theme designers can also make exception in regards of making any modification required to meet your needs on a particular premium theme. Sometimes supports that you are getting are practically alone worth the cost of the themes.

6. Updates

Free themes are often not updated regularly as designers has no obligation to update the themes. When new version of WordPress comes out it causes theme incompatible. If you are not upgrading WordPress, your website may exposed to security contravene or you may also miss out on any new features. On the other hand, Premium themes are normally updated on a regular basis to keep up with new versions of WordPress.

Premium theme designers have obligation to all updates, not doing so may damage their reputation. Premium WordPress theme developers are constantly receiving feedback on their themes from users allowing them to fix errors and also add new features.

7. More Secure

Free themes can carry a threat of malicious code, which may allow hackers to sabotage or exploit your website to their advantages. These free themes can negatively affect your website efficiency and search engine faith and rankings. On the other hand when you purchase a premium WordPress theme you can have peace of mind that it is clean, and optimized to make your website perform at its best.

Sites to Buy WordPress Themes – Conclusion:

1. If you have a budget or your blog can afford additional costs then you should go for Buy Premium WordPress Themes.

2. If you are thinking of hiring professional website designer for your blog, you should avoid it and go for Premium Theme. You should not create dependency on anyone if you are looking for extended blogging career. These professional website designers may charge little initially but gradually when they are in full control then they may ask for any unreasonable amount. Don’t fall prey to their hands and try to learn all the tricks of the trade.

3. Premium Themes offers – Support, Updates, Security, SEO benefits and quality. Professional blogging sites requires all basic and advance features to rank well on search engine.

Where to Buy WordPress Themes

It really doesn’t matter if you are new or season blogger, when it comes to buying best premium WordPress themes it always get confusing. Market is flooded with false review or it may provide you with so many choices that you end up losing money, time and effort.

To get the best value for your money, the WordPress theme you are looking to buy should consists of 12 essential features:

  1. Low Price
  2. High quality support
  3. Regular theme updates
  4. Easy navigate viewer’s interface
  5. SEO Optimized
  6. Many themes choices
  7. Front-end visual editor
  8. Best Plugins to increase the functionality
  9. Best WordPress compatibility
  10. Easy to use Control Panel
  11. Fully responsive designs
  12. Beautiful and Professional

Generally individuals look for only price and ignore other important features, but these are the basic needs in order to setup your blog or website with ease and also provide your viewers more affluent surfing experience.

To obtain the best and most trustworthy product Smooth Income had selected the best place to buy wordpress themes for your site.

Best Place to Buy WordPress Themes – Premium Theme Guide

The most important factor is to know where exactly you should look to buy the top quality themes, when every site is claiming to be the best which makes our work tougher. Designs are the foundation of any online business and your success and failure are highly dependable on it. Themes should be simple, beautiful and professional.

These days it is becoming harder to find unique, high-class and affordable themes with high-quality customer support. In order to make your work easy smooth income had closely monitor various themes and recommend you the best wordpress themes selling provider.

1. Buying Premium WordPress themes from Elegant Themes

The remarkable thing about Elegant Themes is that you will have a lot of choices, so it doesn’t matter which online industry you are in, Elegant Themes can provide you with simple, professional and affordable themes. Elegant themes are the best source of high quality and well designed WordPress themes. It has large collection of quality themes for a variety of uses, including blogs, eCommerce, businesses, magazine blog etc.

Elegant Themes membership will provide big variation of WordPress themes; it can benefit you immensely if you’re a web developer. Even if you are going to create multiple blogs or websites then the Elegant themes will be your first choice were you can have unlimited website uses.

Elegant themes have some of the amazing features like ePanel Theme Options, excellent technical supports, regular updates, short-codes, etc. You can change colour schemes, layout of your blog; control your featured articles, etc. from their general setting. Elegant Themes have fully responsive designs that acclimatize to your user’s variable screen size. If you decide to choose Elegant’s responsive WordPress theme, then your viewers will get nice looking design of your blog or website on their Smartphone and tablet.

Elegant Themes is value for money and will provide your viewers with richer surfing experience.

Click Here to go to Elegant Themes

2. Buying a Premium WordPress themes from Thrive themes

Thrive themes are the black horse in the industry. It is one of the awesome wordpress theme providers which concentrate solely on the customer conversion model. Thrive Themes is a company that focuses on creating not just amazing looking professionally designed themes but also provides functional plugins that help you to convert more of your blog visitors into subscribers, customers and clients.

Customising a Thrive theme is a lot simpler and easy, things like adding a custom logo, uploading a favicon, adding custom menus, changing font sizes and colour, background colours, changing footer credits, the entire thing can be done without difficulty using their built-in style and layout settings. You require no pre-knowledge of any coding, their Content Builder which allows you to easily edit or add content to your pages or posts, you can actually get to see how your content looks Live.

Awesome thing about Thrive themes is basically the all-in-one pack for all your web development needs.

1. Thrive themes

High converting and super-fast loading website themes that is perfect method to build your marketing website & business blog.

2. Thrive Leads

It can increase your email subscribers in the shortest time possible. Thrive Leads lets you use next-generation opt-in technology without needing any tech skills.

3. Thrive Content Builder

The fastest, most intuitive front-end visual editor for WordPress. The ultimate Click-to-Edit front end builder for any website or blog, if you want to edit something, you click on it.

4. Thrive Landing Pages

You can create beautiful landing pages to capture visitors who lands on that page. You can create and publish conversion optimized and fully customizable landing pages, sales pages, lead-generation pages and more. Many companies had setup their business on selling only Landing Pages services and charges large amount per month for it, but with Thrive themes you can get the feature included in the package.

Thrive Theme is one of the best WordPress drag and drop website builder in the theme market. Thrive themes and their plugins are highly focused on conversions which can guarantee to triple your subscriber list. If you want to build a website from scratch, create a beautiful template but do not have the technical skills than Thrive theme is for you.

Click Here to go to Thrive Themes

Best Place to Buy Premium WordPress Themes – Wrapping Up

You can buy wordpress themes from any of the two premium WordPress theme sites and both are greatly suggested:

Elegant themes1. Elegant themes

Contain over 85 premium themes which can suit to any blogging requirement with all essential features a blog needs.

thrive themes2. Thrive themes 

Have fewer themes but all themes are based on conversion focus, to convert your viewers into subscriber, customer or clients.

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