Can You Make a GOOD Living Blogging – Inside Info

Can You Make a GOOD Living Blogging – Inside Info

Can you make a good living blogging will explain on whether you can make money from a blog. First question which comes in mind when someone start or want to start their blog is that can you really make a good living from blogging site, Smooth Income will try to answer this for you.

can you make a good living blogging

There are Blogs which claims that you can make thousands of dollars quickly and easily but it’s not true. These claims are often made in regards with the selling or release of a product or service. Making money requires lot of hard work and it is not possible overnight. It’s important to understand that people who are making money had made their presence felt online by their hard work, time, resources and passion for Blog.

According to my analysis Bloggers can make small amount of money within 6 month, some bloggers call it as “Coffee Money”, after two years you can make regular part time income and after three to four years you make enough to support your family, but time frame is only an indicator, there are numbers of elements on which your money is dependable.

Can You Make a Good Living Blogging – Reliable Factors

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The four factors on which good living out of blogging depends upon:

  1. Your niche (Blog Topic)
  2. Four Steps of Growth
  3. Audience
  4. Multiple streams of Income

Can You Make a Good Living Blogging – Detail Information

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Making a good living out of blogging is dependable on four Key elements:

  1. Your niche (Blog Topic)

There may be different monetizing result for different blog topic. Choosing your niche is important when it comes to making money from blogging but keep in mind whatever you decide to blog it should be of your interest area.

  1. Four Steps of Growth

Basically there are four steps of Growth

Step1. No Time Frame – Blogging when there is time to do it.

Step2. Part Time Job – Blogging with set timing but doing it as part time job.

Step3. Full Time Job – Professional blogging, 100% dedicated blogger with no other time commitment.

Step4. Business – Making blogging into business by employing others.

In step one, maximum percentage of bloggers are those who uses free platform like for blogging. These bloggers blog for fun or hobby and are not interested to make living out of blogging. Even if they uses the paid hosting services to setup their own blog, they may lack in commitment and time to make money from blogging.

For able to make money you must have to start from step2 and avoid step1. It means that lot of hard work, resources and dedicated time is required to make your blog into success. You should treat it like any other part time job even if you are getting no money or “Coffee Money” in the initially period of your blogging. The key is to keep patience and continue your blogging journey. Gradually you will know yourself when is the right time to move forward to setp3 and then to step4.

Step4 generally requires atleast 7 to 10 years of blogging experience but there are always exceptions to every rule.

  1. Audience

Only and the only way to can make money is through filling your show with audience, “no audience no show”. The basic and completely essential ground for blogging is to have countless readers or audience. When there are faithful and true readers on your blog, then only they can buy product or services which you are promoting. Once your blog is full of visitors numerous earning opportunities comes down, for example you can sell advertising space on your blog, etc.

It takes lot of effort and time to build your audience, so if someone is claiming to make you rich overnight it is far from possible. You should provide your audience with true and clear picture of the product and services that you are offering them, its only secret formula to make money through blogging.

  1. Multiple streams of Income

In order to make smooth income, one should find and develop multiple streams of Income. Even small amount of money through various streams can really add up to huge amount. Some bloggers doesn’t promote the products or services just because they are not offering enough commission; this is purely wrong decision to take. The best way to make money is by choosing the products and services according to your readers, irrespective of their commission amount. In this way you will develop a better multiple product sales which readers will buy and appreciate it regularly.

You can go through this article in order to monetize your Blog: How to Get Paid for Blogging – Top 5 Earning Ways

Can You Make a Good Living Blogging – Conclusion

You can make a good living out of blogging; it requires patience, resources and effort to make it happen. You need to have transparency in your approach; it means that you should not promote any product or services only for your personal benefit. Work towards readers’ satisfaction. Slowly and gradually you will build up your audience and it will help you to make money. Bloggers gets discouraged when their blog doesn’t make money and stop blogging. Money will follow your blog with focus and lot of hard word initially. Don’t blog for money and follow your passion, money will come sooner or later, make your presence felt by being online and staying online.

According to US news Bloggers can make real money through Blogging. Source

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