Free Aweber alternative for email marketing

Selecting the correct Email Marketing software is an essential step for your Email marketing success. If you looking for free Aweber alternative for email marketing than this article will immensely help you to find best online email marketing software replacement.

Free Aweber alternative for email marketing

Free Aweber alternative for email marketing

There is no doubt that Aweber is leading Email marketing software for small businesses and bloggers.  Almost all the top bloggers and online entrepreneurs are immensely making use of Email Marketing to promote their affiliate product and services using Aweber.

If you have a budget or your site can afford you must go for Aweber and forget about any other free to start option. But the problem comes with new online startups, if your site is new than there is uncertainty among the webmaster whether to invest initially or not. So, to resolve this issue Smooth Income have provided you with the best free Aweber alternative for email marketing in this article.

What is Email Marketing and How Does it works

If you are new to blogging, you must know what email marketing is and how it does works before going ahead.  In simple words any marketing activity done to promote or sustain clients through email are called “Email Marketing”.

Email marketing is a type of direct online marketing that uses email as the marketing communication delivery system to promote businesses. Email marketing is the most inexpensive direct marketing in which you can design good-looking email campaigns and keep up communication with your established and prospective customers.

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Free Aweber substitute

Mailerlite is the best free Aweber replacement for email marketing.  MailerLite is a very simple email marketing tool for Small Businesses and Bloggers. You can easily sign up for free and continue with their lifetime free plan until your business and subscription list grows so big that you need to upgrade. Even then, it is very affordable, with the next level starts with only $10 per month.

Mailerlite is extremely affordable and free up to the first 1,000 subscribers. You can send as many emails as you want every month, you can delete and add subscribers easily. It is simple, easy to use and does the job neatly without charging you high prices.

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MailerLite pricing compared with Aweber

Below are the MailerLite pricing comparison with Aweber:

Monthly plans
Up to 1,000 subscribers, unlimited emails FREE $29
Up to 5,000 subscribers, unlimited emails $20 $49
Up to 10,000 subscribers, unlimited emails $35 $69
Up to 25,000 subscribers, unlimited emails $80 $149

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MailerLite features compared with AWeber

Below are the MailerLite features comparison with Aweber:

MailerLite features compared with AWeber

Free Aweber Replacement

If you are a blogger or web master who wants to send out regular mailings to your list with updates in a way that’s well formatted and looks professional on a small budget than Mailerlite is a best free Aweber alternative for email marketing. Mailerlite is an easy way to get started at an affordable price and it is highly recommended.

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