Get your blog to rank higher in Google search results – Rank Fast

Get your blog to rank higher in Google search results – Rank Fast

Are you looking to get your blog to rank higher in Google search results? This article provides you with inside information which I had learned from my personal incidence for ranking on the first page of Google search results. The ranking story you must read and learn from it.

How to get your blog to rank higher in Google search results

How to rank higher in Google search results

When people enter certain search words or phrases, your site need to make it on the first page of Google search result. Ranking higher in Google search results is becoming much tougher these days, as Google determine which sites are most useful and relevant by using a complex algorithm which takes into account more than two hundred different factors.

Google do not discloses these factors to anyone but through a combination of research, testing and experience a good Google SEO expert knows what are the most important factors to rank higher in Google search results.

Keywords have a major impact for ranking higher in Google search results. Keyword is the main words or phase that people enter into search engines. You cannot begin to plan to rank higher in Google search results unless you know which phrases you are targeting.

How to get my website ranked higher in Google search results

Keyword research is a critical component for search engine optimization because when used correctly it can help to get website ranked higher in Google search results.

On the page SEO starts with selecting the correct keyword for your post and the keyword should be one which has search volume, which means people are searching for that particular keywords.

When I started out with my website, it was apparent for me to use low competitive keywords with high traffic volume since my blog topic was competitive. I was looking for genuine free keyword research tool to find low competitive keywords for my articles.

 How to rank high on Google for free

After searching for a while I came across free keyword research toolGoogle Adwords”. It is an official product from Google, which gives us a traffic estimation of your targeted Keywords and also help in finding more relevant and related Keywords for your blog topic.

It is totally free and you do not need to spend any money to use this tool. You can simply create an account with Google and start using it.

Google had created this tool to target Adwords advertisers, but still gives a great deal of information when it comes to finding the right keyword for your blog and articles.

How to use keywords to rank high in Google

In order to be successful in your keyword search, you need to learn how to find useful keywords to rank high in Google.

Read and Learn More: How to use Google Adwords keyword research tool for SEO

For my next post on “How to Start a Blog”, I was not sure what keyword I should be targeting to rank high in Google. I used Google Adword tool to find Keyword which have good traffic but low competition.

Get your blog to rank higher in Google search results

After carefully analyzing all the keywords I had selected  “How to Open a Blog”

How to get higher Google page rank

After I publish my post “How to Open a Blog”, I was super excited and was waiting for the result and was positive of getting higher Google page rank. Tell you the truth, I only waited and waited for my article to appear on the first page of Google. I was confused why I was not ranking even four months after publishing of my article (blog post), even more I was not even ranking on any page, and I scrolled and searched up to 30th page of Google’s search result but don’t found my blog post.

I was fully dismantled with the kind of result I received. I started looking for reasons behind this dreadful ranking result. The main reasons which I realize was that when you search for any given phase or terms, Google try to understand what exactly you are looking for and even try to interpret those main keywords using synonyms to find the best possible results.

In my case, I used “How to Open a Blog” which Google interpreted the word “Open” into “Start” and “Create”, and shown almost the similar results as Google would have shown in “How to Start a Blog” or “ How to create a Blog”.

So, what does it mean? Any keywords selected by you will depend upon Google interpretation even if the words are entirely different from each other.

How to rank high on Google fast

Google Adwords Keyword Planner makes a useful tool in coming up with ideas for potential keywords. The search volume data in the Adwords planner is actually only useful for keywords that you are basically spending money to advertise on Google’s search result.

If you not concerned about keywords you are using then you must ask yourself – how the users (Google searchers) are going to find you. Even after optimizing my full blog post and following every step in SEO, I was unable to rank for “How to Open a Blog”.

Searching for proper and correct keywords for your website is very important because it is the keywords which will bring traffic to your website.

To get your blog to rank higher in Google’s search results you should understand that the keyword is very essential but we cannot overwrite other factors associate with the keywords, which Google considers for ranking. To correctly analysis the keywords we must see its probability of ranking on first page of Google by calculating the competition level of that keywords on the first page of Google.

Competition level depends upon SEO factors like Page Authority, Domain Authority, MozRank of the URL, MozTrust of the URL, Backlinks, Facebook likes and Google Plus shares.

SEO competition scores provides ranking difficultly of particular keywords taking together all the competitiveness of sites which are ranking on the first page of Google.

After going through many keyword research tools, I can recommend you to use Kwfinder, which is one of the most easiest tool to use. Keyword results from Kwfinder are based on real searches and actual outcomes on your website, rather than only traffic and conversion estimates. Kwfinder is free to register and you can do 5 keyword research every 24 hours for free.

You should analysis SEO competition for particular keywords and should choose which is easy to rank on Google search results.

To make you understand what I mean by analyzing SEO competition for particular keywords, I had performed a search on “How to Open a Blog” using Kwfinder

How to get your blog to rank higher in Google search results

Higher the SEO competition score of keywords, harder it is to rank on those keywords, especially when your site is relatively new. You can see why I was unable to rank with “How to Open a Blog” as it is showing 57 score out of 100 which is harder to rank.

What SEO competition score we should target for particular keywords

How to get your blog to rank higher in Google search results

Go for keywords with SEO competition score of less than 30, if you what to easily rank on 1-2 pages of Google search results.

Second mistake I done without analyzing the keywords:

After reading many posts from different SEO experts, it came to my knowledge that long tail keywords (having more than 3-4 words) are best and easy to rank, as it has low competition.

I again used Google Adwords to find long tail keyword phase “How to create a self-hosted wordpress blog”, I simply replace the blog title and content description from my previous blog post “How to Open a Blog” to new keywords I found.

This time I was hopeful of ranking well on Google but the result was still same, see the below image and find out yourself what I mean.

How to get your blog to rank higher in Google search results

Yes, Keyword I had selected was having SEO competition score of 57 out of 100, how I would have ranked for those keywords.

So, now do you understand what I mean when I say that analyse your keyword competition to rank high on Google, fast and easy way.

How to get high up in Google search ranking

If you have one keyword then you can find many keywords related to your niche from Google Adwords research tool. Competition field in Google Adword doesn’t show how hard and easy it is to rank for that Keyword. In fact, it shows the competition among advertisers bidding on that keyword for Google sponsor area.

Point to be considered from my SEO incidence

  1. The ranking of selected keywords will only depend upon Google interpretation of the words or phase, even if the selected words are not similar.
  2. Even Long Tail keywords are also not safe when it comes to ranking on Google.
  3. You need to see the SEO competition score to judge the level of keywords competitiveness by using Google’s first page results and safely assume the ranking position after publishing of the post.
  4. It’s always better to know the potential of any given keywords before even writing or publishing an article, one such equipped posts are always better from untargeted hundred posts.

The only and only way to judge the accurate Google interpretation of any given keywords and to assure first page Google ranking is by knowing what result Google is showing on the first page, and thereafter analyzing its SEO competitiveness.

To easily know how hard and easy it is to rank for particular Keyword you need to use premium keywords research tool, I recommend you to use Kwfinder. You can get the feel of the tool by using it for free with limited search options.

For almost 30% of my old and new posts, I used this awesome and affordable keyword research tool, and articles had started ranking on 1-2 page.

The difference between a new blogger and a seasoned blogger is their experience. Both of them write the same content, but the difference is seasoned blogger optimize their article with latest tools available online to get their articles to rank higher in Google’s search results.

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