How do you Set up a Blog site in Quick Steps (with Pictures)

How do you Set up a Blog site in Quick Steps (with Pictures)

How do you set up a blog will explain on how to set up a blog or web site with step by step guide. Setting up a blog has become very easy and convenient. If you are running a business or an institute, it’s almost necessary to start your blog. Even if you have some hobby or a passion which you want to share with the rest of the world, then you should create your own blog. You will get enough exposure online for your existing business or even for your simple writing. Blog have many benefits but the most significant part is to make money from your blog.

How do you set up a blog

With the increase in technology individuals are now able to make their own blog with no knowledge of HTML or CSS code. This article will layout exactly how I have started my own site. It is a step by step guide to create your blog. It is an easy follow tutorial on blog site configuration.

How To Set up a Blog Site

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How do you Set up and Start your Blog – Overview

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The Five Steps to Set up a Blog:

Step A: S –Selecting the best hosting provider
Step B: E –Elect your desire domain name
Step C: T –Total configuration of the hosting account
Step D: U –Using Auto Install Application to Install Worpress
Step E: P –Providing your account details

Note: You can totally skip Step D but then you will have to install your WordPress application from Cpanel (Control Panel) of your hosting account.

You can go through below article if you are opting to skip Step D:

How to Set up WordPress Site – Install Guide with Pictures

Step 1: How do you set up a blog – Find a host

In order to be accessible on internet the data related to your blog site should be stored on the server. These spaces are provided by web hosting companies.

There are two kind of hosting companies

  1. Self Hosted (Like we are about to configure)
  2. Free Hosted

Self Hosted platform is greatly suggested to step up your blog site. It’s important to choose self host if you are serious about blogging.

In order to create your blog site you are required to find low cost web hosting which is not only cheap but must have the entire features. These all-round features are very essential in order to avoid any future technical issues. Smooth Income blog is running on A2hosting and it is highly recommended. A2hosting provide full SSD hosting at affordable price.

Assuming that you will choose the right and recommended host, Smooth Income will guide you through the process

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How do you set up a blog site

Click on Shared Hosting tab to continue.

Don’t be anxious if the image above is slightly different, the process will be same. Due to regular development and updating the interface can be changed from time to time.

Step 2: How do you set up a blog – Select your plan

You are require to select your plan, if you are looking to develop a single blog site then you can go with Lite Plan and if you are planning to launch or develop more than one site then go for Swift Plan.

The one of the best feature of A2hosting is that the discount code is available on the website itself and you don’t have to search all over internet to find the best deal. This is the most exclusive advantage of A2hosting were each purchase is provided with equal platform.

You can write down the available discount code.

At the time of writing this article, maximum discount was 51% and the code was “FLEET51”.

How do you set up a blog site

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Step 3: How do you set up a blog – Choosing a domain name

Domain name is a used in URL to locate particular website. A domain name helps to identify a particular entity on the internet.

In more simple words a domain name is your desire web address like, in your case Your blog name will locate your site related data stored by hosting company on their server.

Tips for selecting your domain name – for your blog site

  1. It should be easy to remember and type
  2. It should not include numbers and hyphens
  3. It should contain Keywords
  4. Try and go for .com extension
  5. Try to keep it short

How do you set up a blog - Step 3

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Step 4: How do you set up a blog – Account configuration

Choosing your billing cycle

You can choose from monthly to two yearly billing cycles. You will get maximum benefits on selecting higher billing period. It is also better to select higher period initially because you will get discount only on your first billing.

How do you set up a blog - Step 4A

What if you do not like the services or just want to quit blogging due to unavoidable reasons, then selecting higher period may be a terrible option. Don’t Worry………

A2 Hosting provides Anytime Money Back Guarantee

Try A2Hosting risk free, if you decide that A2Hosting is not the right host for you, just cancel your account and they will give you a full refund within 30 days or a prorated refund for your unused service after 30 days. It’s that easy! Feel in control and confident with A2Hosting.

Server location configuration

How do you set up a blog - Step 4B

You should choose the server location which is closer to your targeted audience. It should not to be chosen based on your own location. Your audience will experience faster page load if your server location is nearest to them.

In case you’re targeting global audience, only then choose the server nearest to your location.

Addition Option

How do you set up a blog - Step 4C

This is the most important part were you can install your “WordPress” or any other content management system on your chosen domain name.

WordPress is one of the most excellent free open source content management system. In simple terms WordPress is ready to use blogging software or platform which can set up your blog site immediately. You can modify almost anything from its Dashboard (Control Panel).

Kindly Note:

  1. WordPress will be installed on your desire domain name which you have selected in Step2.
  2. WordPress will be installed as your homepage.
  3. You can use Softaculous in your hosting control panel (Cpanel) to customize WordPress installation. You can totally skip the step by selection None and install WordPress later from your Cpanel.
  4. You can even delete your auto install application later using Softaculous.
  5. Sometimes new account requires maximum of 24 hours to be fully functional. Your new site may not be visible before that in either of the installation method.

How do you set up a blog - Step AD

Step 5: How do you set up a blog – Skip the ID Protection

On the next page you’ll be asked if you want to add ID Protection. You can just skip them.

How do you set up a blog - Step 5


Click Update cart Button to Continue

Step 6: How do you set up a blog – Enter your account details

Order summary

You can see your order summary in this step, if you need to make changes then you can do so using Edit Configuration option.

You are required to enter discount coupon code which you had noted / written down in Step2. During the writing of this article the code was “51FAST”.

How do you set up a blog site

After entering your discount code Click Apply Coupon Button.

The billing amount will be recalculated after the discount.
You are required to pay Total Due Today amount in order to set up your blog. You can also check your rebilling (Total Recurring) amount for your domain name and web hosting.

How do you set up a blog - Step 6B

Your Account Details

You are required to enter your account details with valid email address because this is where your login information will be sent.

How do you set up a blog - Step 6C

Payment Method

You are required to make your payment in order to confirm your purchase. A2hosting provides different payment option, you can select according to your liking. I generally like to use my Debit Card for making payment.

You’re also require to confirm the terms of services of the host by clicking the small check-box.

How do you set up a blog - Step 4D

Click Complete Order Button to process your order and start your new blog site. After the payment process your blog site will be created and anyone can view it using your domain name.

After completing your purchase, need to check your email. You’ll find a welcome email from A2hosting with your control panel (cpanel) login information. You will also find email from WordPress with login credentials. You can login to you WordPress control panel (Dashboard) to further customize your blog site.

Keep both the information safe for future reference.

Happy Surfing. 🙂

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