How Long Should a Blog Post be for Good SEO

How Long Should a Blog Post be for Good SEO

How long should a blog post be for good seo” will explain the ideal length of a blog post or article for good search engine optimization. There are many debates among blogosphere (blogger’s community) regarding blog post length for good SEO (search engine optimization). There is no set guideline from any search engine that can define the best length for a blog post for good SEO but still we will try to unveil the secret in this post, article will explain exactly how many words should a blog post be for SEO.

how long should a blog post be for good seo

Many bloggers had written differently about this topic and every individual have his or her way or looking and succeed. We will try to understand what exactly should a blog post be for good SEO.

Blog Post for Good SEO – Longer is Better Overview

According to the statistics given by SerpIQ, the average blog post length for a web page that ranks in the top 10 results for any keyword on Google has at least 2,000 words.

Average Content Length - How long should a blog post be for good seo

Graph Source

The above graph suggested that ranking drops with the content length. The top 10 search results were based on for over 20,000 keywords.

Longer blog post length gets more shares

An accepted online journal ran the statistics on how shareable its article was from a length view point. What the team exposed was that longer articles got shared more.

Blog Post Length - Social Share

Once the word count goes beyond 1,500 words, it’s more likely to gets more shares.

Blog Post for Good SEO – Shorter is Better Overview

The stats from Nielsen Norman Group shows that average web page user have time to read only 20% to 28% of a post. Source

Best length for a blog post

This suggested that keeping is short and to the point will help in grabbing the attention of the readers.

Other stats from Nielsen Norman Group show that how people tend to read blog content.

Article: “How Users Read on the Web.” Source

Length of a blog post

Nielsen was being direct to make a point. His point was that people only have a propensity to scan online article.

There was some survey also done on number of comments received for a short discussion based blog post. Results was very surprising, shorter discussion based blog post contains more comments.

Length of Blog Post for Good SEO – Factors that Affects the length

quick sip

It’s not all about words when it comes to blog post length for good SEO. Blog post length can be only one of the elements in search engine ranking.

Six factors which affect the length of a blog post:

1. L – Likable appearance
2. E – Exact Keywords
3. N – Never copy others
4. G – Give Entire Essential Information
5. T – Topic Category
6. H – How frequently do you post

Factors that affect the Blog Post Length – Detail Information

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Six key factors which can affect the length of a blog post for good SEO:

1. Likable appearance

Appearance of any post play very vital role on its readers. Formatted post may have more readers, for example if a post of 1000 words which is well formatted like lot of subheadings, attractive images and short or long paragraphs then it can have more readers than any other with same post length. It helps the people to scan easily through your article. So, it’s not only about length but it’s also about appearance.

2. Exact Keywords

Some blogger’s believe that writing long post is the good way to include all kinds of keywords into your particular post which can help to improve their ranking on search engine. Search engine scrawl through your post to find the keyword and rank it high on search list. It may not be possible in case of shorter post which is limited on fewer words.

For example: Other related keywords for “How long should a blog post be for good seo

Best Length for a Blog Post

How long my blog post should be

Length of your post should be

What should you prefer long or short post

Shorter or longer blog post is better

How long should a blog post be

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How long should a good blog post be

How long should a blog article be

These words or phases if somehow can be included into the article which can help you to rank high. This was the traditional way of doing things but now things had been changed; smarter bloggers uses SEO tools (search engine optimization tool) which help them to find exact keywords with maximum audience search, this kind of software had given them flexibility of keeping the post short and still search engine can rank them high.

3. Never copy others

If someone is writing long or short post, it doesn’t mean that you should also do so. Every individual is blessed with their own style of writing and you should follow your own approach. Copying anyone is not easy when it comes to the style of writing and before adopting it you should consider that it may obstruct your communication and connection with your readers.

4. Give entire Essential Information

The main criteria on which your post length depends upon is comprehensive coverage of your topic. It’s important that you must cover entire area of your topic, so that the readers may not miss out any essential information. For example – if you had written 2000 words article on a particular topic but missed out on certain essential information then what shall be the use of that post to your readers.

5. Topic Category

Length of the post writing can be dependent on your topic category. For example – If you are writing on

A) Product Review – Generally requires longer post, to explain their features and specification.

B) Survey – Generally requires longer post, for giving different types of reports or details.

C) Media – Shorter post is required, in this type words don’t matter. All the focus of the post is on media appearances like videos, pictures, graphs.

6. How frequently do you post

Frequency of your post plays a major factor on deciding the length of your post. If you are posting once or twice in a week than longer post makes sense but if you are posting daily or more frequently then shorter will be great. The value of each post may vary for different readers, some may don’t have time to read or may get bored reading longer post while some may need longer post to fill their appetite. Whatever the frequency may be it should be consistent, but avoid posting once or twice in a month. The length doesn’t matter if you are posting rarely, it’s like not posting at all and you can lose your valuable readers.

How long should a blog post be – Search Analysis

Below is the top 8 Google search result when someone search for the phase “How long should a blog post be” with word count of every search result. Source

How long should a blog post be

Above image is indicating that you can rank on the first page of Google even if your blog post is around 750 words.

How long should a blog post be for good SEO – Bottom Line

Don’t worry about the blog post length and try to write article for your readers and not for the search engine. Remember what that blog post length will likely bring to the blog site and try to vary your lengths so that you can most effectively serve your audience.

There is no guideline by Google or any other search engine that indicates the exact length of a blog post should be. At the same time, I had outlined the average blog post length for you based on my study and knowledge. Always try to keep your blog post length more than 300 words. The average length of a blog post for search engine optimization should be between 800 to 1000 words.

It’s easy to lose your path on your right focus since there are so many technical concerns and various distractions. Try to keep your center focus on the quality of your blog posts irrespective of how long should a blog post be for good SEO.

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