How to Choose a GOOD Domain Name for your Blog Site

How to Choose a GOOD Domain Name for your Blog Site

How to choose a Good domain name for your blog will provide you with six quick tips on choosing a domain name for a personal website or blog. Your internet journey starts with choosing a domain name; it’s your first step towards making a blog or a website. Domain name will be your unique identity on internet therefore you must be clear that it should fit to your business needs and help you in making a brand, so that people can remember it easily.

How to choose a good domain name for your blog

Domain names are required for building credibility and a sense of professionalism. If you can find good and unique domain name it can enhance your authority among your competitors.

How to Choose a Excellent Domain Name for your Blog – 6 Tips

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Six quick tips to choose a good domain name for your blog:

1. D – Dot Com Extension
2. O – Opting your Business/Personal Name
3. M – Memorable
4. A – Avoid Number and Hyphens
5. I – Include Keywords
6. N – Name Length should be short

How to Choose a Superior Domain Name for your Blog – Detail Information

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1. Dot Com Extension

Some individuals are not concern with their branding but if you are looking for name recognition in long term then going for Dot com (.com) makes more sense. Dot com (.com) is the most popular extension and plays a key role in banding your business.

Why Dot com is more important than any other extension?

Internet user while typing the domain name assumes that domain name will have dot com extension rather than any other, due to its popularity. It can put a barrier in the path of finding your domain; you may lose valuable traffic (visitors).

2. Opting your Business/Personal Name

Opting your name is also a fine idea. If you are a published writer, school, institute, organization and hospital than choosing your name as a domain will be a great publicity and branding itself. But name based domain is not an excellent choice for everyone, it’s good only when you are sure that you will not require to sell it in the future. Name based blog domain name is very tough to sell as it’s already associated with a single brand image, in other words it is a reflection of a particular brand type.

3. Memorable

It will be hard for the visitors to find your domain, if it is not memorable and catchy. It should be easy to write and remember for your online success. Domain name with difficult words make internet users forget it very quickly and they may not even bother to find your domain after their modest effort. Memorable domain may also have the possibility of verbal publicity, visitors of your blog can recommend to their friend and family, which is not possible if they don’t remember your domain name at all, even if they desire to do so.

4. Avoid

Knowledge of avoiding something is also a significant part of choosing something.

A) Avoid Number and Hyphens – Number and hyphens are often use in case domain name is already taken. For Example: If I decide to take name today but found that it has been taken then I can go for “” or “”.

It’s give more option in choosing the name, but it is much difficult to communicate and margin of error is more. Visitors may have a good deal of chance to forget the hyphens and land in different or no website. In the case of including numbers there may be confusion between ‘1’ and ‘one’. Avoiding number and hyphens is better than losing precious visitors.

For example: If I would had been in the situation of not getting my domain “” than I would had taken any other name or gone for any other extension like “”.

B) Avoid trademarked or copyrighted – Research it properly to avoid any legal implications of the words you use in your domain name. It should not be trademarked, copyrighted or being used by another company. Check before taking, it’s better to avoid now than to be regretful in future.

5. Include Keywords

Include keywords that describe your business or the services you offer. Keyword communicates correctly and very quickly to your readers with regards to what your blog is about and what they can expect. The other encouraging thing is that Search Engines scans through the words in your domain name and can rank the domain accordingly. If you have long term view than selecting the right name according to your business profile and use the keywords which can help you to improve your website ranking in search engines thereby bringing in more traffic (visitors).

For Example: If your business is about selling laptops than “” or “” makes more sense.

6.Name Length should be short

Shorter the length the better it will be, it’s because probability of making mistake in typing or communicating a longer domain name is more as compared to shorter ones. Visually also shorter domain names looks very nice. It should be short and easy, which can assist in avoiding misspelling and chance of your visitors landing in any other website or “website not found” page. Name length can go up-to 67 characters but short and simple is the best way to go.

These tips will help you in choosing a good domain name for your blog. Take care to choose it for your long term recognition. Domain name contain the power to make or break you online brand or identity, find and choose domain name which is right for you.

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Happy Searching. 🙂

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