How to create Livejournal blog sites – Start new free account

How to create Livejournal blog sites – Start new free account

How to create Livejournal blog sites – Start new free account” will provide step by step picture guide on how you can create and start your own free new blog site.

How to create Livejournal blog sites – Start your new free account

How to create Livejournal blog sites – Start new free account

LiveJournal is a social networking service where Internet users can create or start their blog, journal or diary. It is based in San Francisco, California.

LiveJournal is a global social media network with millions of blogs and thousands of communities whose members discuss and share anything and everything.

LiveJournal isn’t a traditional blogging tool, although many people do use it for blogging purposes.

Create Livejournal blog sites – Step by Step Picture Guide

  1. Visit

Go to

You need to provide and select the following to create new journal or blog:

  • Username: Pick a nice name for your Livejournal blog.
  • Email: Provide your email address which will be associated with your Livejournal account.
  • Password: Create a strong password to protect you from account hack.
  • Birthday: Provide your date of birth
  • I Am: Choose your gender (male or female)
  • Prove you’re human: You need to solve the puzzle or captcha to prove that you are not a robot.

How to create Livejournal blog sites

Click “Create Account” to continue.

  1. Livejournal Page

Pop-up box will be displayed explaining different features and functions of various tab in LiveJournal Page.

How to create Livejournal blog sites

You need to click “Next” button to jump onto new pop-up box or you can even skip the explanations by clicking on “Skip” button.

  1. Getting Started with Livejournal

Congrats you had successfully created your Livejournal blog site.

One last thing you need to do to access your Livejournal features, you need to verify your email address. Verification instruction will be send on your email address, just follow the instruction to validate your newly created LiveJournal account.

Click “Post New Entry” to start posting article on

How to create Livejournal blog sites

Start Livejournal blog sites – Limitation

LiveJournal is super easy to start and it comes with features like protected posts, friends, communities, etc. However, it is very limited in terms of how you display or control your journal.

You need to pay to create blogs or pay for an account that offers more features, less (or no) ads, increased customization and more.

If you want to make money from your blog than you should avoid free blogging site and take more professional approach. If you want to customize your own domain name and don’t want any kind of limitation on your blog site than you must start your self-hosted blog site.

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Livejournal blog sites – Conclusion

LiveJournal began as a place for people to publish online journals, join into communities of users interested in the same topics, friend with one another, and comment on each other’s journal entries.

LiveJournal users are very loyal to it, so the community of users has become extremely tight-knit. LiveJournal is available in nine languages and is particularly popular in Russia.

Over time, the site became known as a blogging tool because of the structure of publishing posts and commenting on posts. However, LiveJournal is very much about community and friends rather than a stand-alone blogging tool.



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