How to make money selling photos online – Earn Money

How to make money selling photos online – Earn Money

How to make money selling photos online” will provide detail step by step information on how you can sell photos, images or pictures online and make money from it.

How to make money selling photos online – Earn Money

How to make money selling photos online – Earn Money

The demand for digital images is increasing; everyday new photographs are needed for company web sites, public sector newsletters, corporate presentations and thousands of other uses. This means if you have a camera and an eye for a good image you can sell your photos for good money.

Whether you love taking photographs or you enjoy drawing and editing images via Photoshop then Making Money Selling Photos is the right one for you.

Selling photos online is an easy process; there are buyers all around the world waiting for the right photo for their needs, so sell your photos online where you can make money even while you sleep.

Make Money Selling Photos Online – Step by Step Guide

  1. Registering with Online Digital Photos Selling Agency

There are many online photos selling agency where you can register for free. Every seller has their own set of guideline for approval. You need to abide by the rules and regulations in order to get your account approval.

  1. Uploading Your Photos

Once you have received the approval from the agency, you can upload your digital pictures then each photo is manually checked by the agency.

  1. Making Money by Selling Photos Online

After your pictures have been checked and cleared you will be notified when they go live on the website. You will start making money by when people buy your photos; you just need to wait until interested people come across your photos and eventually buy it.

How Selling Photos Online Works?

You simply take some good, interesting photos with your camera and upload the same on this site. As and when any of your images gets sold, you make money from it.

The best thing is that you are not really selling your photos but just awarding the buyers a license to use your photographs for various purposes including magazines, websites and designs etc.

It means that the photographers retain the copyrights entirety, allowing them to sell the same photos any number of times to any number of customers. That’s the reason which makes stock photography attractive and possibly lucrative.

While it is true that the amount is hardly rewarding, you can’t ignore the fact that the same photo may be sold number of times. If a couple of your pictures get sold repeatedly, you stand to earn a handsome amount.

Best Sites to sell your Photos online

The first step, obviously, is to deciding where to sell your photos, when it comes to selling your photos online it can seem like a daunting task. If you are not sure where to start below is the list of best sites to sell your photos online:

  1. Shutterstock

  2. 123RF

  3. iStock Photo

  4. Dreamstock

  5. PhotoShelter

  6. SmugMug

  7. Alamy

Make Money Selling Photos Online – Conclusion

These days, selling images is much easier than it was ever before, due to the online awareness, many money making opportunity has been created for professional and amateur photographers.

The best part is that hundreds of new websites and blogs get started every day, the need for images to accompany their publications are very high.

So, despite the competition being huge, you can still make a spot for yourself in this industry and make money selling your photos.


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