How to make Real Money from your Blog – Modern Approach

How to make Real Money from your Blog – Modern Approach

How to Make Real Money from your Blog” will provide you with detail information on how to earn actual money from blogging.

How to make real money from your blog

How to make Real Money from your Blog

If your goal is to make real money from internet then blogging is certainly the best way to make money online. Blogging is all about sharing information and if you are expert in your area then like-minded people and information seeker will love your blog.

There are basically two approaches when it comes to monetizing your blog

  1. Traditional Approach
  2. Modern Approach

One of the basic things you need to generate income on the Internet is traffic (blog visitors). The more targeted readers/visitors you get on your site or blog, the more any monetizing attempt can increase your earnings.

  1. Tradition Approach

In this method you keep long term horizon or time frame for your blog to establish and start generating enough traffic (visitors) to make good money from your blog.

It generally takes maximum effort and time to reach the desire goal. In my opinion it may take up-to two years or more for your blog to make any kind of money. It requires continuous blogging and there is no shortcut to success.

In this approach you need to

  1. Find your niche (Blog Topic)
  2. Start your Blog
  3. Monetize your Blog
  4. Keep posting articles

And wait for success to come (and it will come don’t worry).

  1. Modern Approach

Individuals don’t have time or patience for traditional approach and want to have everything quick and easy.  With the increase in technology and awareness of technical aspect of ranking in search engines, more and more individuals prefer modern approach for fast results.

Copying article from here and there, and wait for success to happen is only waste of effort, resources and time. There are many tools available these days to let you know that exact keywords which can help you to rank on first page of any search result.

All the traffic is on the first page of search engine especially on Google and if you want your blog to make money fast then you should and must aware yourself with the kind of competition that you will face when you select your blog topic, blog name (domain name) or even your blog post title.

In this approach you need to

  1. Find your niche (blog topic)

In this approach you need to first find your niche (blog topic) in which there is low competition and high search enquires. There are many keyword research tools available which can help you to find your profitable niche, I like and recommend KwFinder.

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With the help of this tool you can get exact position of ranking in search result for the particular keywords or phase even before choosing it.

You need to use keyword research tool to find your site name (also called domain name), search for keywords or phase which is related to your blog topic and use it in your domain name (your site name) .

If you have high traffic and low competition on your chosen niche then domain name with exact keywords in it will help your niche site to rank very quickly on the first page of search engines like Google.

For example:  If you had done the required keyword research and found following low competitive keywords:

“glass lampshade”

“glass lampshade for office”

“best office lampshade”

then you should buy domain name as follows:

For best offer to buy domain name – Click Here

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  1. Setup your Blog

Once you select your blogging topic and purchased a domain name (your site name), you just need to set up your blog. Setting up a Blog is a simple process you just need to follow the article below:

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  1. Setup you theme (Blog Design)

You can use Thrive theme to design your blog. There are ready to use designs available which you can install easily on your newly created site. Thrive theme provides best content builder (site builder) for your blog which can help you to design your blog or site quickly and easily without any technical help. Thrive themes also have technical support team available to help you out in case you get stuck somewhere.

Click Here to visit Thrive theme

Clean and SEO friendly themes can also help you in better ranking on search engines. Avoid employing website designer who can design your site for few hundred dollars but keep on charging you for their services. Try to be your own boss and use simple method, avoid dependency on others for your blog designs.

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  1. Monetizing your blog

You need to monetize your blog with different money making strategy available for your blog topic. To know more about how to monetize your blog you can check below article:

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  1. Writing Articles (Post) for your Blog

Everyone wants to be on first page of Google with every post (article) they write. The trick is to select blog post title with low competition and high search volume with the help of keyword research tool. Yes, the keyword research search tool KwFinder not only helps you to find profitable domain name but also help you to rank your every blog post.

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You can select less competitive blog post title and rank yourself on the first page of Google. With this approach you can find that you are ranking on first page for almost every article you are writing and thereby keep on increasing the number of visitors. In other words, every time you write an article for your blog post you will increase your blog traffic and more traffic means more earning.

Making real money from your blog – Conclusion

In the modern approach the desire results can be achieved in months as compared to tradition approach. In the modern method you can almost be certain for your success and don’t have to wait for it to come. You can not only rank well for your domain name but also can rank for every article you write.

You can even sell your profitable domain name that you had purchased or can sell your lucrative site that you had developed for hundreds or thousands of dollars.

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The best part of modern method is that you can repeat the process for any kind of blog or site and can develop more than one profitable niche site.

As an internet entrepreneur you invest your time upfront creating valuable niche site and then continually harvest the benefits later.

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