How to Start a Blog – Beginners Guide (Free Step by Step Blog Starter)

How to Start a Blog – Beginners Guide (Free Step by Step Blog Starter)

How to start a blog” will explain on how to start or begin your blog with simple step by step information for beginners. Starting a Blog is the best way to make your online presence and making money from it. If you have ever wondered how to start a blog than this article will guide you with every step and knowledge you ever required in order to create your own blog. Its real Blog Starter for you.

How To start a Blog

How to Start a Blog – Beginners Guide (Free Step by Step Blog Starter)

With the advancement of technology, you can now create and start your own blog with no technical background (like HTML or CSS code). I have started this Blog having zero technical knowledge or skill on creating a blog but have managed to start one successfully, so you can too.

So, before we start we need to know the basics of blogging.

What is a blog

“A blog can be defined as a personal dairy on the internet of an individual or a company which is updated regularly in reverse chronological order with new information about particular topic.”

Source Article – What does blog mean?

A blog is like a personal dairy on the internet where you can write whatever you want; it’s same like maintaining a dairy of any interest or routine but on the web (internet). Blog is generally started by individuals who want to share their passion or interest with like-minded individuals. Companies also start their blog to update, share and launch their products or services.

Unique features of a Blog

  1. Contents are updated regularly
  2. Readers can leave their comments
  3. Articles or Post can be shared on Social Media
  4. Author can interact with the readers
  5. Blog can contain links to articles on other Websites

Who are Bloggers

Someone who writes contents or article for a blog

What is Blogging

The act of writing a post or article for a blog

Why you should start a blog

Before moving ahead we should know why we need to start a blog. Why Blogging?

Blogging was initially used as a unique platform to share an individual’s thoughts, feelings, opinions or experiences. Blogging has quickly become one of the trendiest ways of communicating and spreading information and news. There are literally millions of blogs online and numbers are increasing regularly and so the demands for blogs are also increasing.

Reasons why you need to start a blog

  1. Blogging is Easy – Creating and Maintaining a Blog is easy.
  2. Incredible way to share information with others.
  3. Blogging provides something of value to your readers, solution to their problems.
  4. Blogging provides you with an opportunity to learn more on the blog topic you like.
  5. Most important part – You can make thousands of dollars per month through blogging. You can also take blogging as a part time profession for an additional income; it’s completely depends on how much involvement you want for yourself.

Blogging is no longer just an individual’s hobby; it has become a significant tool for today’s business.

Reasons why business need to start a blog

  1. Drive traffic to the website
  2. Increase site ranking
  3. Establishing the brand as an industry leader
  4. Developing better customer relationships

Read article on the signification of blogging for more detail information:

Why is Blogging Important

How to start a blog

How to start a blog” is a first question which comes to mind when you want to start your blog but don’t know how.

Let’s get started – There are two ways of starting your blog site

  1. Starting your Free Blog
  2. Starting your Self-hosted Blog

Starting your free blog

In free blogging platform everything is ready and prepared; you just need to register free with the company who offers the services to start your blog right away. For example: Its same like registering with any free email service provider, where you are required to register without any charges and your email account gets started instantly free of cost.

The only benefit with free hosted blogging platform is that it’s free, individuals who are not interested in making money or career out of blogging and just wants to blog for fun then it’s more likely that they will go with free hosted blogging platform.

15 Places to Start your Free Blog

Below are the top 15 free blogging platform where you can start your free blog.


For more information on how to start a blog on check the below article:

How to create a blog on

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After you register with Weebly you need to create your blog site, for official Youtube video on how to start free blog site on Click Here

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Out of above sites WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr are the most popular free blogging platform. To compare and know more about these sites, you can checkout this article on Wikipedia – Click Here

For More Information check below article:

Read and Learn More: Best place to start free blog sites

*Drawbacks of Starting a Free Blog*

Before you dive in through free blog you should know that free Blogging Platform has its own cost and free isn’t always free.

Below are the some disadvantages of starting a free blog:

  1. No independent Domain name: Your domain name is clubbed with their name. For example:
  2. Restriction on income from Advertisement.
  3. Limited free blog designs are available.
  4. You don’t have the ownership of the blog.
  5. Blogging Host can stop their services at any day.
  6. Host can show advertise or pop-up ad on your blog.
  7. Have the limit on storage space.
  8. Have the limit on number of visitors on your blog.

When you start a free blog it doesn’t look professional and gives the impression that you are not serious about your blogging. When you suggest or refer any products or services to your visitors or customers, they may not understand the significance or the gravity of your recommendation; thereby end up avoiding your suggestion. It means that because of your unprofessional looking free blog you may end up losing money.

The company offering you free blog makes money of the time and efforts you invest in writing your blog.

The company offering free services make money by two ways:

Selling your Ad Space

Free blog sites will put advertisements or show pop-up ads on your blog. You have completely no control over what is being advertised on your blog and you will not make any money they receive from selling this ad space.

Upgrading will Cost you

For any kind of upgrades they will charge you. For example if you want more storage space they will charge you.

As an example to know how they charge for upgrades you can check below link of most popular free blog:

  1. – Upgrading Charges
  2. – Upgrading Charges

Most free blogs don’t specify any charges for upgrading and will come to you as a surprise, where you will have no option left; either you have to pay the amount or terminate your services.

The company offering you the free blog makes all the income from selling ad space on your blog and you are not allowed to sell products or services through your free blog.

If ever you want to move your free blog to paid self-hosted blog you will lose your valuable visitors as you are not entitle to the ownership of the free blog name.

Starting your self hosted blog

If you are serious about making enormous amount of money without worrying about any restriction on your blog revenue, then you should start your own blog with self hosted blogging platform.

So, What is Self-Hosted Blog?

Self hosting is the act of having your blog or site totally under your control. This means that you have to manage complete aspects of this online business, which includes from setting up the web server, installing software and designing your blog. Every aspects and features of your blogging is managed by you.

*Advantages of Starting Self-Hosted Blog*

  1. You can effortlessly create and start your own blog with one click installation.
  2. You can choice from thousands of free blog designs (themes) according to your blogging topic.
  3. You can easily customize your blog according to your choice and also extend the functionality of your blog by choosing from countless number of plugins. From analyzing to optimizing you can find plugins for every need.
  4. You can make smooth income with every advertising method possible. Your web hosting provider will have no restriction on your advertisement.
  5. You have the ownership of your blog.
  6. No limitation on number of visitors.
  7. No limitation on data storage.
  8. You can choose your own blog name like and do not require to club it with your hosting providers name like

Five Steps to Start Your own Blog – Self Hosted

I’m going to outline exactly how to start your own personal blog in five easy steps:

  1. Choosing your Blog Topic
  2. Buying a Hosting Package
  3. Choosing a Domain Name
  4. Installing Blogging Software
  5. Designing Your Blog

how to start a blog step by step complete guide

Follow the below five steps to start your self hosted blog:

Step 1. Choosing your blog topic

The first step is to decide what type of blog you should start, is it fashion, beauty, technology, food, traveling, relationship, movies, fiction?

Why niche blogs are popular?

Individuals search the Internet for one reason only, to find solution to their difficulty, that’s why blogs are so popular.

The best way start a blog is to choose topic you are passionate about. Blog provide you with an opportunity to establish yourself as a professional blogger, so it’s important to find topic (niche) that have long term probability and also have huge number of interested followers or readers.

Key elements in finding a blog niche:

  1. Topic must be profitable, having potential to make money.
  2. You should to be passionate about the topic.
  3. Topic must have long term potential.
  4. Topic must have large number of readers.

Step 2. Buying a hosting package

Your web site related data is needed to be stored on high powered computers also called servers, so that it can be accessible by anyone on the internet.

Web hosting services work by storing your website files in high-powered computers (web servers) connected to a very speedy network. In order to keep your site files (like video, images, etc) you need to buy some storage space from a remote computer.

Read and Learn More: What is web hosting and how does it work

Read and Learn More: What are the Different Types of Web Hosting Services

There are many web hosting service providers who offers different hosting packages to their customers but it’s significant to understand the restrictions before buying a particular hosting package. There may be some limitations like good customer support, loading speed, uptime guarantee, etc.

To know more in details you can check below article on Web Hosting.

Web Hosting – Complete Guide

Smooth Income is running on A2 hosting which provides awesome SSD speed. It also provides best technical support, 99.99% uptime guarantee, unlimited email accounts and Any Time Money Back Guarantee. If you want to develop more than one site than you can choose their Swift package and can host unlimited sites on the same package.

Click Here To Visit A2Hosting

If you want to know how to setup your site with A2hosting check this article –

How do you Set up a Blog site in Quick Steps (with Pictures)

Step 3. Choosing a domain name

The domain name is basically your company’s Internet address; the same way your company’s street address is used to find your office, a domain name is used to find your site.

Domain name is used to identify a particular entity (like blog or a webpage) on the internet. If you have a blog then domain name is your address to locate your blog site. Domain name locates your blog related data which are stored with your hosting company on their server.

For example: is my domain name which locates my blog related data or files like images, blog articles, etc. stored on A2hosting’s server (high power computers).

Selecting a domain name or blog name can be a difficult task for some bloggers because it needs to be meaningful, short and easy to remember. Your domain name should be closely related to your blogging topic.

How to pick a good domain name:

  1. It should be related to your blog topic.
  2. It should contain keywords which can easily relate to your blog topic or niche.
  3. It should be memorable and easy to remember.
  4. Avoid Numbers and Hyphens, which can increase the chances of making mistake while typing.
  5. Use suitable Domain name extension – like .info for informational site.

More more information on how to choose a good domain  name for your blog you can read the below article:

How to Choose a Good Domain Name for your Blog site

It is usually best for you to buy a domain and hosting package together from same company, it will save your time of connecting your domain name to your web hosting company. But still if you had already purchased a domain name from another company than you can check this article to point your domain name to your host:

How to Point your Domain Name to your Web Hosting Company

If you want to know how to register a domain name separately then check below article:

How to Register a Domain Name for a Blog

If you are looking for good offer on buying a domain name then you can use below link to buy domain name at affordable price.

For Best offer on buying Domain Name – Click Here

Step 4. Installing Free Blogging Software

To make your blog get started you need to install free blogging software on our domain name. Once you have installed the blogging software your blog will be live and ready.

There are many free blogging software which are available but the most used and popular is WordPress. These blogging software are also called Content Management System.

Confused with WordPress?

There are two types of WordPress services: 

Which provides free hosted blogging platform, where you can open your free Blog instantly. (As explained above) 

It’s free blogging software, you can download and install on your domain name.

Read and Learn More: What is the difference between and

To make downloading, uploading and installing software on your site easy and convenient, A2hosting provides two ways of installation.

  1. A2hosting provides installation of WordPress at the time of buying the hosting package.
  2. A2hosting provides One Click WordPress Installation from the control panel (Cpanel)

If you want a picture guide to install your WordPress software through Cpanel than see the article below:

How to Set up WordPress Site – with Pictures

You need to go to the Control Panel (Cpanel) of your A2hosting and install WordPress on your domain; once you have done this simple process your Blog will be ready and visible to those who will type your domain name into their browser window.

Step 5. Designing Your Blog

Well now your site will be ready and live but you need to design your site according to your blog topic.

Your blog designing is very important to show your creativity. A blog’s design will make the site visitor decide whether to stay on your site or not.

What are Themes?

Themes are ready to use designs which are developed by the professionals. Themes are basically skin of your blog. Themes provide you with the freedom from hiring a professional site designer in order to make your blog site.

You just need to select a theme from thousands of ready to use designs according to your blogging topic and simply activate it. Most significant part of themes is that you can switch between themes to find theme which is most suited to your blogging topic.

There are Two Types of themes (Designs) You can Choose From

  1. Free Themes

Thousands of free themes are available once you have install WordPress on your domain name. You need to go to the dashboard (control panel) of your WordPress account and then go to Appearance > Themes and choose a free WordPress design according to your site niche or topic.

Read below article on how to login to your dashboard (control panel) of your WordPress account:

How do I Log into My WordPress Site – Admin Login

  1. Premium Themes

Now if you plan to take your site to the next level and give your site more professional look with complete search engine optimization, technical support, security and plenty of other features than go for Premium Themes.

What is Premium Themes?

Themes which are designed and coded with advance features and functionality. Premium themes are sold for affordable price with specific plan of catering to a market those are willing to pay extra for better product.

Best recommended Premium Themes Sites:

Elegant Themes – To Visit Click Here

Thrive Themes – To visit Click Here

To learn more about premium themes you can check below article:

Best place to buy WordPress themes – Absolute Guide

This concludes the step-by-step tutorial on how to start a blog. I’m more than confident that after reading this guide you can easily start your own blog and also hope that you not only read this guide, but also will take action on it.

Blogging is a learning process and you need to keep on reading. For more free articles on how to start a blog and make money online, you can check Table Of Contents, which is updated regularly and covers the entire blog topic.

If in some way you find yourself stuck with unfortunate circumstances or have any questions for me about how to start a blog, please do not hesitate to contact me or leave a comment below. I will try my very best to help you out with any problems.

Happy Surfing! 🙂



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