How to write GOOD blog content – 7 Awesome Tips

How to write GOOD blog content – 7 Awesome Tips

How to write good blog content” will provide detail information on how to create a great blog article.

How to write good blog content

How to write good blog content

Writing good blog content is the hardest part of creating a blog post. Article will provide you with some ideas on how to keep your actual writing part short and engaging, making your whole writing process easy and effective.

So, what is content?

Article, blog post or any other form of writing which is written for use over the internet is called Content. Different level of content is required for different type of Blog, depending upon their specific target audience.

How to Create a Great blog content

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In order to make high-quality and awesome article, the blog content should have following elements

1 C Connection with readers
2 O Original writing
3 N Naturally Viral
4 T Title having keywords
5 E Entertaining
6 N Need to solve the Queries
7 T Totally pack with updated information

How to write good blog content – Detail Information

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Following factors can help you to create a great and superior blog content.

  1. Connection with readers

Avoid using advertisement in-between your article; it can break the connection of audience with the article. Advertising is good for revenue but avoid overdoing it especially in the middle of a post. Keep your articles in engaging form just like you are talking with a person in-front of you, so that it can hold the audience till the end.

  1. Original writing

Try to present the article in innovative method of writing rather than to write it in a similar manner. Creating a fresh look to your article is very essential.

For example: In this blog post I have written the same thing which others may say on “Excellent Content” but in a different style of writing.

  1. Naturally Viral

It should be written in such a manner that reader have to share it on social media platform, in another words it should be naturally viral to be shared with other.

A well written particular article can go viral in such a way that it can alter the destiny of a blog and can bring enough traffic (visitors) to the blog.

Every niche may have different type of viral article, for example- In entertainment niche: well written article of any scandal can cause such a buzz and in my niche on how to blog: exclusive writing on “how to earn $10,000 weekly by blogging” can do the same. You have to find yours, but it’s should be worth reading and sharing.

  1. Title having keywords

Audience will read your blog only when they like the title of your article. Your title should content all the keywords which can influence the reader to go through your article. It also allows search engine to find your article using keywords in your title.

Title have make or break ability for your article, it should be written in unique and different way.

For example: This article can be written with different title

  1. 7 ways to write a great blog content
  2. 7 secret of blog content writing is revealed
  3. Learn 7 ways to make your blog content writing invincible
  1. Entertaining

Reading a long post sometime can be boring. If you have something interesting to tell, any funny story or even an example to provide in-between your blog post for the sole purpose of explaining the particular point, it will not only make readers to understand the specific point but can also entertain them. Entertaining factor can be a great bonus for your article.

  1. Need to solve the Queries

Readers will come to your blog to uncover the resolution to queries and your article should provide all the explanation. If you miss out something to explain then they may leave your blog disappointed and not have full answer to their dilemma, in such a case they will avoid coming to your blog. Try to cover and explain every aspect of your topic as much as possible.

  1. Totally pack with updated information

Your content should have all the latest and updated information. Readers should not feel that they are going through old articles.

For example: If new medicine is available for any disease and your article is about old one which no one is interested or if you are reviewing on outdated software rather than latest version. Avoid this kind of situation.

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