How to write GOOD blog post titles – 6 Excellent Tips

How to write GOOD blog post titles – 6 Excellent Tips

How to write good blog post titles” will provide detail information on how to write an effective blog post title.

How to write good blog post titles

How to write good blog post titles

Titles are the keys towards the main reading area or content of any blog. It doesn’t matter how well your content is written if there is no audience. Title have make or break ability for any blog content. Your success is entirely depends on the number of clicks a title gets from its audience. Readers decide immediately after reading your post title whether it’s worth spending their time on your blog post or not.

How to write Superior blog post titles

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Below are the key factors for writing excellent blog post titles :

T Try Grabbing Attention
I Include Keyword
T Take your Time
L Learn To Avoid
E Engaging
S Short and Sweet

How to write High-Quality blog post titles – Detail Explanation

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Below are the detail explanations on writing good blog post titles:

  1. Try Grabbing Attention

Grabbing attention is the most intricate part of any title. Grabbing reader’s attention is the basic function of any title itself. In order to grab attention, title can be written in different manner. Following are some critical points which can be used:

A. In question type

For example: “How to make a cake in 2 hours?” These kinds of titles will get more clicks than “Making a cake in 2 hours.”

B. In catchy phrases

Some words and phrases are catchy than others in order to grab attention. For example: Words like: “Secret”, “Revealed” and “Free”

Using such words in your title will grabs more attention. For example: “Secret of making cake in 2 hours”

C. Including number list

Including a number list will perform better. Titles starting with numbers actually grab more attention than others. For example: “Top 10 ways for”, “5 reasons to”

  1. Include Keywords

Search Engine scans through the keywords to find your blog post, it essential to use minimum one or two keywords but avoid over doing it. Reasonable keyword in your title make much sense but over doing it can make your title awkward. Keywords are also important for reader’s attention, by doing so you will let your readers known what they can expect from your blog post.

  1. Take your time

Create multiple titles for your article, take your time to select the best suitable one. Readers should be clear what your blog post is about from the title itself, so avoid decision in a hurry. Right expectation to the audience is the key role of any title; don’t select anything in urgency which may harm your reputation in a long run.

  1. Learn to avoid

It’s always not about doing things but also about avoiding things.

Learn to avoid

a) Any Grammar mistake

b) Any Spelling mistake

c) Using names – Which may not be recognizable by many.

d) Using bad languages

e) Using racist comment

  1. Engaging

Title should be appealing to the targeted audience. It should be forcible and actionable, in other words it should force the targeted audience to take immediate action. Targeted audience should connect immediately with the title and commit themselves to read the full content.

  1. Short and Sweet

In order to be more effective keep your title short and sweet. Google had set a display limit of 70 characters for their search engine; most bloggers had set this as their guideline.

General Thumb Rule which most blogger follow is keeping around eight words. The core importance of title should be to clearly spell out what post is all about.

Avoid lengthy title which can distract the readers until you feel that it’s must for your post. Shorter titles are easier to share in Social Media. Keep you title short but persuasive.

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