I have Bought a Domain name Now What – Best Guide

I have Bought a Domain name Now What – Best Guide

I have bought a domain name now what will explain what to do after you buy a domain name. Best place to know after registering a domain name what to do next. Often individuals get mystified after they purchase a domain name and ask themselves “I have bought a domain name what next”, article will explain what you should do after buying a domain name.

I have bought a domain name now what

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I have bought a domain name now what – Your Goal

Every individual have their reason of buying a domain name; define your goal for buying a domain name.

Reason of buying domain names:

  1. Purpose to develop a website or a blog

Here I will show you how to get your site setup after buying a domain name. This article will explain you what to do next after you have register your domain name.

  1. Purpose of selling to make profit

Below article is a guide on buying and selling domain names for big cash profits

How to Buy and Sell Domain Names Part Time for Profit

I have bought a domain name now what – Step by step information

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Having a domain name means that you are one step closer to creating your website or blog. Now you need to do few more things to get your site set up and ready, follow the steps below.

Step 1. Buy a Web hosting package

Step 2. Connecting domain name with your web hosting

Step 3. Installing WordPress

Step 4. Designing Your Site

I have bought a domain name now what – Youtube


I have bought a domain name what next – Detail Info

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Many individuals would assume that if you know how to buy a domain name, you know how to setup a website, but it is not always true. In order to setup your site you need to know following steps.

Step 1. Buying a Web Hosting Package

Hosting is the physical computer storage where your website files are stored. In order to store or keep your site files (like video, images, pdf files etc) you need to have high powered computers which are connected to network all the time, so that it can be accessible by anyone on the internet. Many companies provides the storage space on their servers (high power computers), you need to buy some storage space from a remote computer to store your site files.

There are many web hosting service providers who offer different hosting packages to their customers but it’s important to understand the pros and cons before buying a particular hosting package. There may be some limitations like good customer support, loading speed, uptime guarantee, etc.

To know more in details you can check below articles on Web Hosting.

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Smooth Income is running on A2 hosting which provides awesome SSD speed. It also provides best technical support, 99.99% uptime guarantee and Any Time Money Back Guarantee. If you want to develop more than one site than you can choose their Swift package and can host unlimited sites on the same package. You can also find the best discount on A2 hosting website itself, so no need to waste your time on finding the best deal.

Click here to visit A2 hosting

Learn how to setup your site with A2 hosting from below article:

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Step 2. Connecting domain name with your web hosting

Now you need to point your domain name to your hosting server to connect each other.

  1. Copy your name servers.
  2. Login to your domain registrar control panel.
  3. Paste the Name Servers and save the setting.

For detail information you can check below article:

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Step 3. Installing WordPress

WordPress is free open source content manage system which is most used and popular blogging software. Smooth Income is also running on WordPress.

Almost every hosting providers offer One Click WordPress Installation. It means you need to go to Control Panel of your web hosting provider and install WordPress on your domain.

Learn all about WordPress and installation from below article:

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Step 4. Designing Your Site

Designing your site is the most fun part. Your designing is very important to show your creativity. There are two types of themes (Designs) you can choose from

  1. Free Themes

Free themes are available once you have install WordPress. You need to go to the dashboard (control panel) of WordPress and then go to Appearance > Themes and install a free WordPress theme according to your site niche or topic. There are thousands of free themes available on WordPress, you need to select your theme according to your site topic.

How do I Log into My WordPress Dashboard – Article on how to login to Control Panel of WordPress (Picture Guide)

  1. Premium Themes

Now if you plan to take your site to the next level and give your site more professional look with complete search engine optimization, and plenty of other features than go for Premium Themes.

Best recommended Premium Themes Sites:

Elegant Themes – Click Here

Thrive Themes – Click Here

To learn more about premium themes you can check below article:

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