Landing page optimization best practices – 11 Awesome Tips

Landing page optimization best practices – 11 Awesome Tips

Landing page optimization best practices” will provide awesome tips on how to optimize your landing page, get eleven best practice used online for high conversion.

Landing page optimization best practices

Landing Page Optimization Best Practices

A landing page is a web page that visitors can arrive at or “land” on.  It’s generally referred to separate web page distinct from main website that has been designed for a single focused objective to convert your visitors into customers or leads.

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When readers arrive on your web page, it should be clear to them what you are offering to them in five seconds or less. A poorly designed web page can kill your business; you need to optimize your landing page for better result and it is the best practice for high-conversion.

Landing Page Optimization Best Practices – 11 Awesome tips

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11 Tips for best landing page optimization :

L – Lead-capture form
A – Avoid useless content
N – Need to use contrasting colours
D – Design with eye-catching CTA button
I – Intensive Message
N  – Nice looking Headline
G – Give Guarantee
P – Preview of your Product
A – Apply Image or Video
G – Give social prove or real testimonials
E – Explain using bullets

11 Best Landing Page Optimization Tips

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  1. Lead-capture form

Lead-capture form is the most important thing on your landing page. Design of your opt-in form can make or break your entire efforts of lead conversion. Pick a lead-capture form best suited for your site and works well among your visitors.

  1. Avoid useless content

Edit and remove unnecessary or useless content. Try to be brief and to the point, to avoid distracting your visitors.

  1. Need to use contrasting colours

You need to use contrasting colours which can compliment your over-all site design; use of distinct colours can distract your visitors or can be unpleasing to the eyes. Contrasting colours can make your page easier to digest, therefore prompting leads to convert on your landing page.

  1. Design with eye-catching CTA button

Your CTA (Call-to-Action) button is also the most essential feature of your landing page. Your entire goal is to let your viewers see this button and create desire to take the action on it. The effectiveness of your CTA button can be achieved instantly through an eye-catching design and clear placement of the button on the page.

  1. Intensive Message

A landing page should have a single purpose and thus should have a single focused or intensive message.

  1. Nice looking Headline

Ensure that the primary headline of your landing page is nicely written and create desire among your visitors to read more.

  1. Give Guarantee

Give guarantee on your offer to reduce or remove any uncertainty regarding your product or services.

  1. Preview of your Product

Provide a preview of your product to increase trust among your visitors. It also can create a desire of having the product and can prompt your visitors to take quick action. You can also provide a free trial so that visitors can have a feel of expected feature.

  1. Apply Image or Video

A good-quality image or video on an optimized landing page can also be a great way to show the benefits of your offer. It can improve the conversion by up to 80%.

  1. Give social prove or real testimonials

If possible show social proof to create truth among your visitors. You can also use real testimonials for authenticity.

  1. Explain using bullets

Use simple bullets to explain your points, try to avoid long paragraphs.

Landing page optimization – Conclusion

Landing pages are a primary and indisputable part of a successful inbound marketing strategy. They are the center of your lead generation efforts and that is why every campaign and offer you create should be joined to a custom landing page to get the desire results.

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