Best Low Cost Web Hosting Services – Complete Guide

Best Low Cost Web Hosting Services – Complete Guide

Best low cost web hosting services will explain different factors to consider before purchasing any cheap web hosting services. Article will also recommend the best low cost web hosting services for your blog or web site.

Web Host provides storage spaces and makes the websites accessible via World Wide Web at affordable price. There are many hosting company which offers competitive price but we should also look on other necessary features which must come along with its low value.

To find the best low cost web hosting services we must look at every aspect of hosting and not solely on its price. Web host must come with its variety of features, we should choose cheap web hosting without compromising on its essential aspects which are required for smooth running of any website. Web Host company facilitates course of action in which the company maintain their customers’ sites on its high power computers and gives related administrations, these administrations may not only incorporate renting of hard disk space but also should provide support on equipment and programming, have provision for backup, provide unlimited email accounts, etc.

Best Low Cost Web Hosting Services

Best Low Cost Web Hosting Services – 11 Important Factors

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In order to be the Best Low Cost Web Hosting Services must consists of following essentials:

L      – Low price

O     – Offering 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

W    – With backup option

C      – cPanel Integrated

O     – One click installation of popular applications

S      – Speed

T      – Technical Support

H     – Hassle free money back guarantee

O     – Option for unlimited email accounts

S      – Solid State Drive

T      – Trusted BBB rating

Best Low Cost Web Hosting Services – Detail Information

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Eleven Factors to Consider before Selecting Relatively Inexpensive Web Hosting Services:

1. Low price – This can be the factor many of us will look first while selecting a web hosting provider; on the other hand, it shouldn’t be the only choosing component. Selecting on the most cheap web hosting services you find online isn’t always the most beneficial idea, especially if you rely on your blog to earn smooth income. It is vital to look for a hosting provider which offers acceptable and affordable rates but should avoid free hosting plans solely, as they could be unreliable and their no costs plan are often backed by their obligatory on site advertisements. Internet hosting companies, specifically shared hosting plan, commonly advertise relatively inexpensive packages on signup but they charge much higher on renewal billing. It is actually a market norm and almost every hosting company tends to follow it.

Until you’re keen to change your hosting company just about every two or three years, there’s no method to avoid the significant increasing renewal costs. So, to avoid any uncomfortable surprise, you must check out the renewal charges ahead of the finalization, generally speaking any value tag under $11/month is suitable. The bottom line is that you should really predict paying a minimum of $11 each month for the sort of hosting in which you can count on excellent, prompt, experienced support and a quick trusted services.

2. Offering 99.9% Up-time Guarantee – Uptime is the quantity of time that a server has stayed up, running and supporting. This will likely be stated as a percentage, like “99% uptime.” Uptime is a magnificent evaluation of how fantastically a web hosting company is keeping their server up and operating. If an internet hosting provider provides a high uptime share, then it means that their server doesn’t sleep and keep functioning almost all the time, so any blog or site you host with them should really stay up and running.

The internet hosting vendor you end up picking really should take every single precaution to ensure optimum up-time. There is no web hosting company that can assure 100% uptime, it needs to provide at least 99% up-time. The truth is, even 99% is really too small, it’s actually needs to be 99.5% or better. Nothing is more important than having 24×7 running net hosting uptime. You’ll need a website hosting plan which is functioning on a robust server and secure network connections. Actually 99.5% or above is advised for uptime score; anything which is under 99.5% is undesirable.

3. With backup option – Determined by just how much you are paying for the service, the internet host will likely to have a number of backup approaches to handle sudden faults. There are unfortunate times when a website crashes down, maybe a hacker got into your website and replaced your index.php file, or your overall database got destroyed, or even the server had an extreme difficult disk failure. If the web host does website backups routinely then there’s nothing to bother about when these incidents happen. Your web hosting company must be ready to revive again your whole or at least little chunk of blog in no time.

On backups, here are some essential issues to be questioned from your web host:

1. Does your website host offer whole backup regularly?
2. Can site backup be done conveniently by way of the control panel?

You will find lot of plugins obtainable in WordPress so that you can consider frequent backups; it’s only signifies that you don’t really need to rely upon your host constantly. In case your host is getting common backups it does indicate that there is double assurance on your website safety and security.

4. cPanel Integrated – Cpanel enables you to manage distinctive areas of your internet account by yourself. A person-friendly and practical web hosting control panel is incredibly essential. Without an adequate user interface, you will be still left with the mercy of your internet hosting tech assist support even for some simple server improvements. If you’re the least technical person on the earth, there are some things such as setting up email accounts, change passwords for your account, etc which you should be in the position to do without calling your hosting company’s support helpline. It might be a terrible hassle in case you needed to wait around for technical support to create the variations to suit your needs. Cpanel is generally most widely used and least difficult of control panel which is generally provided by significant internet hosting companies.

5. One click installation of popular applications – The one click Installer enables you to install a variety of well known applications, like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. If you would like to install WordPress on your main domain or any other already existing domain you owned, you can do it easily by going into the cpanel. Hosting companies allows installation of these open source popular applications by one click of your mouse. It has made the job easier for anyone who wants to start their blog and don’t want to go into technical side to load their applications.

6. Speed – There’s no technical limit to the number of Internet sites a web host can squeeze on to just one server. But the greater activity, the slower the server turns into, affecting the load pace of all sites hosted on it. Consequently, this gets a cost driver for the web host, and they must make an active final decision about how much they’re prepared to reload their servers with respect to performance. As a rule, the fewer you spend on your Internet hosting plan, the greater crowded that server is going to be, and also the slower your web site will load.

Speed also depends on:

A. RAM server – minimum 64 GB (at the time of writing the blog)
B. Core server – minimum 12 core server (at the time of writing the blog)
C. Server location – Closer is the server to your visitors, lesser is the loading time. Does your hosting company provides server location options?

7. Technical Support – Regardless of whether you are new or a more seasoned webmaster, you’ll want a trustworthy customer support driving your website hosting plan. Factors can go wrong on your site’s backend, but obtaining guidance from technical support when you require the most may possibly go a great distance toward minimizing any likely damage to your website. Search for providers that give 24/7 telephone support, email and live web chat support. You would not want to enroll with a host that is certainly operates by a lot of salesmen who only understand how to sell and never correct difficulties.

8. Hassle free money back guarantee – If you opt to cancel your hosting plan in the trial period, does the web hosting company give hassle free money back guarantee?

What’s the internet hosting companies’ refund polices following the trial session? Is there any cancellation costs? These are typically some standard issues to known from your hosting provider before going ahead of signing up.

It’s crucial to know how your internet hosting service provider manages buyer refunds so that you don’t really need to lose excessive amount when matters don’t go according to your plan. There are many internet hosting companies that demand absurdly higher cancellation expenses when customers terminate their account all through trial period.
Prevent these internet hosting vendors at all cost. Then again, some hosting providers deliver anytime money back guarantees were you can request a pro-rated refund (unused period amount) immediately even after your trial interval.

9. Option for unlimited email accounts – If you have your own personal web-site, you will probably want to have e-mail addresses at your very own domain name, like, and many others. If you want to host electronic mail accounts along with your site, then you need to think about the email feature before signup. Generally large hosting companies provide options for unlimited email accounts free with your current hosting account.

10. Solid State Drive – Solid State Drive (SSD) is a new technology in which overall information associated with the website is stored on microchips. This new technology increases the speed of web page loading as there is no moving part involved, like in HDD (Hard Disk Drive) which was primarily based on previous technological innovation. SSD provides tremendous pace to your website and may handle far more traffic on the exact same server. SSD technology is expensive and it is not offered by most hosting companies. If some web hosting firms claim that they’re offering SSD hosting, you will find that these claims will not be real and only some elements like OS or MySQL databases (not your files) is hosted on SSD. It’s better to host with organization which not merely gives entire SSD internet hosting but will also provides cheaper rate, with the rise in level of competition number of providers offers complete SSD hosting on precisely the same HDD internet hosting rate.

11. Trusted BBB rating – Check BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating before purchasing any hosting plan. BBB gives rating on grades from A+ to F, the grades represent BBB’s degree of confidence, it indicates that the company is operating in reliable manners and will make an excellent attempt to resolve any customer concern filed with the BBB.

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