Shareasale Affiliate Program Review – Make Money

Shareasale Affiliate Program Review – Make Money

Are you looking to make money online? Than Salesasale affiliate program is for you. Article will provide complete Shareasale affiliate program review and you can also learn how you can sign up or join with Shareasale affilaite program with step by step guide. Shareasale affiliate program review will also help you to know about the benefits of joining the program.

Shareasale affiliate program review

Shareasale affiliate program review

For most webmasters Google Adsense is the most significant and easiest way of getting blog revenue, but let me tell you it’s not only program were you can make easy money online. Shareasale is most preferred affiliate program among webmasters who are looking for Adsense alternative.

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What is Shareasale affiliate program?

ShareASale is an affiliate program that pays you to promote the products registered with them. Affiliates can use Shareasale to find products to promote and earn commission for referrals on those products.

ShareASale is an affiliate marketing network based in the USA. ShareASale has been in business for over 17 years, completely as an Affiliate Marketing Network. There are over 4,000 merchants plugged in to the ShareASale Network giving you a huge amount of retailers and individual products to promote.

The large variety of merchants’ means that there are good products and companies to promote in any niche, whether you are a blogger, use facebook, twitter or other social platforms. Whether your blog is about fashion, business, arts, dating, music, food and drink, weddings or anything else you can definitely find a merchant that has the suitable affiliate program that you can promote in order to make smooth income on your site.

Key Highlights of Shareasale affiliate program

  1. ShareASale is a very trusted affiliate network.
  2. ShareASale is an affiliate marketing program that solely focuses on making sales.
  3. Lots of Affiliate Programs to choose from.
  4. ShareASale has a simple up-front pricing structure.
  5. ShareASale has a very user-friendly and easy to use interface.
  6. Tracking and reporting is simple and flexible.

How much does Shareasale affiliate program cost? Shareasale Pricing?

Shareasale affiliate program is totally free to join. Anyone can sign up with Shareasale affiliate program for free but you need to have your own blog or site in order to get approval from Shareasale. If you have a blog, in any niche (blog topic) than you can join ShareASale.

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How to join Shareasale affiliate program? Shareasale Sign Up Process?

Step 1 for joining Shareasale affiliate program

Click Here to Visit ShareASale website

Shareasale affiliate program review - 1

  1. Create desire username and password.
  2. Choose your country location.

Click on “Move On To Step 2” button to continue.

Step 2 for joining Shareasale affiliate program

  1. You need to add your primary blog or site name (domain name). You can add your other sites to your account after your Shareasale affiliate account is created.
  1. Choose your website’s language. For example: for, I have chosen English.
  1. You need to answer in Yes or No to some of the Shareasale questions. For example: If you utilize coupon as your part of promotion strategy, you need to answer it “Yes”.

Shareasale affiliate program review - 2

Click on “Move On To Step 3” button to continue.

Step 3 for joining Shareasale affiliate program

You need to enter valid email address, you will be asked to validate your email account as a part of approval process. It means that you will be receiving an email from Shareasale with approval process.

Shareasale affiliate program review - 3

Click on “Move On To Step 4” button to continue.

Step 4 for joining Shareasale affiliate program

  1. You need to provide your contact details.
  2. Small description on how you are planning to promote your affiliate products.

For example: You can write the following:

“I am looking for genuine products to promote on my blog. I found that your site is great for publishers like me. I also feel that some products are useful for my site visitors and I am going to market those products on my site.”

  1. Choose the appropriate fields as shown in image.

Shareasale affiliate program review - 4

Click on “Move On To Step 5” button to continue.

Step 5 for joining Shareasale affiliate program

In this step you need to provide payment information. You can provide payment information after joining.

Shareasale affiliate program review - 5

Select “Choose Later” option and Click on “Complete Sign Up” button to complete your first stage of approval.

Step 6 for joining Shareasale affiliate program

In order to maintain network quality, will send email to confirm your ownership of the website that you have applied with.

In order to complete the verification, provides you with options. You need to choose one to complete the process for joining.

In case you don’t receive email from Shareasale within day or two, you can always email them at and ask them to completing the process of joining.

Shareasale affiliate program review – Final Words

If you have a blog in any niche, you can join ShareASale. It has a wide collection of products you can choose to promote.

ShareASale caters to businesses across all main product categories from green products to business services. ShareASale is one of the best networks for payouts, which an affiliate is actually looking for, so if anyone is looking to join ShareASale then don’t wait and Signup now.

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