What is SSD web hosting – Complete Overview

What is SSD web hosting – Complete Overview

Storage space provided to access your blog or other related data over the internet is called Web Hosting.

SSD Web Hosting

When someone searches a website on internet, it retrieves data from the hosting server (high power computer storage). There are two kinds of drives used for storage, SSD (Solid State Drive) and HDD (Hard Disk Drive).

SSD Web Hosting Vs HDD Web Hosting

What is HDD web hosting?

HDD is traditional form of storage which stores data on rapid rotating disk called platters. When a website is requested on internet, hosting server retrieve digital information using platters which are coated with magnetic material. HDD moving parts that has to reach a specific point to read the data which causes delay in serving the requests.

What is SSD web hosting?

SSD is a storage device containing non-volatile flash memory, used in place of a hard disk, in other words its store data on microchips. SSD (Solid State Drives) are faster at retrieving data as there is no moving part and can give your website an awesome speed.

“A solid-state drive (SSD, also known as a solid-state disk although it contains neither an actual disk nor a drive motor to spin a disk) is a solid-state storage device that uses integrated circuit assemblies as memory to store data persistently.” Source

SSD Web Hosting – 7 Advantages

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Seven advantages of SSD Web hosting:

  1. Retrieve data 300% faster
  2. Improves the loading speed of a website
  3. Increases the upload time
  4. Can handle greater traffic
  5. It doesn’t crash after its end life
  6. Resistant to shock and vibration
  7. Can work in extremely high or low temperatures

Seven Benefits of SSD Web Hosting – Detail Information

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1. Retrieve data 300% faster

SSDs are designed to maximize system performance. There is no moving part which helps to retrieve data 300% faster.

2. Improves the loading speed of a website

SSD drives significantly improve the loading speed of a website; there are documented cases of websites loading at speeds of up to 6.0 Gb/s.

3. Increases the upload time

Website with heavy file type needs like video or any other media file requires fast processing of upload and downloads speed. SSD drives can increase the upload time significantly and the response time is almost instantaneous giving web users’ richer experience.

4 .Can handle greater traffic

Super-fast speed SSD drives can handle greater traffic (website visitors) without getting freezing or shutting down. A server can service more queries at a give time with SSD drives due to it’s maximize system performance.

5. It doesn’t crash after its end life 

When SSD reaches its end life, it does not crash but prevent further writing only. All data contain on SSD is easily accessible after its end life as compare to HDD were data is disappeared when it crashes.

6. Resistant to shock and vibration

SSDs come with the ability to be resistant to shock and vibration as they are no moving parts involved in the technology. In any natural misshapen like earthquake, information stored on SSD drives is safer.

7. Can work in extremely high or low temperatures

SSDs can work in extremely high or low temperatures. SSDs can fully function in temperatures from -20 to 85 degrees Celsius. HDD life get shorten above 35 degrees Celsius temperatures and the dependability will be compromised at about 55 degrees.

Best SSD Hosting

Four Essential factors to select the Best SSD Web hosting company:

B – Better Price
E – Easy money back guarantee
S – Should provide 99.9% uptime
T – Technical Support

Best SSD Hosting – Detail information on buying

1. Better Price 

When it comes to the technology of SSD, it’s far superior than HDD and so are the prices. In order to find the best SSD Web hosting provider, price is the major considering factor, with the increase in competition SSD Hosing providers’ began to offer very low price which can be compared with HDD hosting. If SSD storage is available at HDD price then why not go for it, but the major point to remember is that you must have fair idea of the company who are offering their great services along with better pricing. Don’t select your SSD host in hurry or you may end up losing money.

2. Easy money back guarantee 

Your SSD web hosting company should offer easy money back guarantee. In case you are not happy with the services or just want to quit blogging, then your SSD web host should provide you hassle free money back. The best SSD web hosting providers will offer anytime money back guarantees were you can request a pro-rated refund (unused period amount) immediately even after your trial interval.

3. Should provide 99.9% uptime 

Uptime is the quantity of time that a server has stayed up and running. This uptime is stated in percentage and 99.9% is considered as the best uptime. Uptime is a superb assessment of how good a SSD web hosting company is keeping their server up and operating. If an internet hosting provider offers a high uptime share, then it means that their server doesn’t slumber and keep performing all the time.

4. Technical Support 

Getting technical support from your hosting company is the most essential factor, it doesn’t matter that you are new or seasonal blogger; a good technical support is must for every webmaster. Things can go wrong anytime on your site’s backend, your SSD Web Hosting company should provide 24/7 telephone, email and live web chat support. The best SSD web hosting backend support can minimize any likely damage to your website.

SSD cPanel hosting

What is cPanel?

cPanel is a control panel available on your Linux-based hosting services and servers. cPanel let you modify and alter your hosting account. With cPanel you are able to complete your work faster. It allows you to simply manage various aspects of your hosting like the files, applications etc.

Four Benefits of choosing SSD cPanel hosting?

1. SSD WordPress Hosting

WordPress is highly used Content Management System (CMS), it comes with thousands of free themes and plugins. WordPress is open source blogging software which can be easily installed through cPanel (control panel). In order to easily install wordpress your SSD hosting company should provide cPanel. Since plugins extends the functionality of your blog, it is almost becomes necessary to install many plugins, it can slow your website or blog, but with SSD speed you don’t need to worry.

2. Backup Options – in SSD cPanel Hosting

It’s important to take regular backup of your site; you can do so manually using cPanel, with SSD cPanel hosting you can easily download or restore your blog or website data with fast speed as compare to HDD hosting.

3. Email Creating and Handling – in SSD cPanel Hosting

Almost every SSD web hosting company provides unlimited email creation and hosting for free with their hosting package. You can create unlimited personalized emails, but to access the mails you are solely dependable on your hosting provider. You can download, send or read your emails faster with your SSD web hosting.

4. Development features – in SSD cPanel Hosting

Initially you may not required to use features like FTP, MySQL, PHP, etc but as your site grows you are expected to learn and use these features. With SSD web hosting you can perform any task with super speed.

SSD Web Hosting – Conclusion

SSD had brought more safer and reliable alternative then traditional HDD drives. SSD derives can help programmers to design complex and thrilling web applications without worrying about upload speeds giving users richer, faster and more interactive web experience. They are completely better choices for shared web hosting users.

Fast speed is essential to online presence, because no one likes slow websites. According to the survey of the Aberdeen Group, a market research company, a 1-second page load delay will cause a 7% decrease in conversation rates, 16% decrease in visitor satisfaction and 11% decrease in page views.

SSD hosting review

SSD (Solid State Drive) is new technology in Web Hosting. It is more secure and reliable. SSD are more high-priced then HDD due to its technology and it was initially developed for military and aeronautical area. Now this technology is being used by some hosting company like A2hosting to provide better and faster hosting experience.

A2hosting is one of the best and reliable hosting companies which not only provides SSD hosting but also provide it at cheaper rates, their rates can be compared to any HDD hosting company, with A2hosting anyone can now get best and richer web hosting experience of SSD at cheaper rates.

A2Hosting initial page load time is far better then competitors like BlueHost, Godaddy, HosGator etc. These competitors are using HDD hosting technology which makes the page loading slower.

SSD Hosting Review

After going through every detail with various SSD web hosting websites, Smooth Income had carefully selected A2hosting. Our site Smooth Income is also running on A2hosting and it is highly recommended.


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