Boost your Sales with Thrive themes Clever Widgets – With Review

Boost your Sales with Thrive themes Clever Widgets – With Review

Thrive Themes Clever Widget Review

Thrive Themes Clever Widgets Review

Showing same ads or content to every visitors on your site can never help your site to increase sales. Even big player like Google shows more targeted ads with Google Adsense, which means more clicks and conversion.

Widget areas are normally used in a web site’s sidebar and footer and usually, whatever you add to a widget area will show up everywhere on your site. It means that you will have the same sidebar’s content or ads showing on each blog post.

If target ads or content is shown in your WordPress sidebar or footer you can boost your sales with targeted promotion.

What is Thrive Themes Clever Widgets

Thrive themes Clever Widgets will show particular ads or content to different groups of people, in different pages, posts, categories etc., so your site gets more attention and you get more conversions.

Thrive Themes Clever Widgets will give you the ability to control which widgets to appear on your side or footer area.

Thrive Clever Widgets is a WordPress plugin that seamlessly integrates with the default widgets options in WordPress.

Advantages of Thrive Themes Clever Widgets

  1. Light Weighted

Thrive Themes Clever Widgets is light weighted plugin and doesn’t slow your site.

  1. Improves User Experience

Thrive Clever Widgets improves user experience by showing relevant ads or content.

  1. More Conversion

Due to the targeted ads more visitors are converted into sales. By targeted banner ads or content on specific posts/pages you can achieve higher click through which means more conversion.

  1. First Premium Plugin

Thrive Clever Widgets is first premium plugin which is designed to optimize your widget area.

  1. Affordable Price

Looking the benefits Thrive Clever Widgets brings in for their user, the price charged for it is not expensive.  You can optimize your widget area and recover its cost with more targeted sales.

  1. Support

You will get full support even if you go with single site license.

  1. Free Updates

Technologies changes fast, you will get unlimited free updates and you can enjoy more added or new features for free.

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How Does Thrive Themes Clever Widgets Works

The concept behind Thrive Clever Widgets is very simple, it is a WP plugin that once installed and activated gives you the option to make any WordPress widget on your site targeted.

When someone visit your site and sees advertisement which is relevant and related with the post or page they are visiting than it is more likely that they will click the ads.

How to Use Thrive Themes Clever Widgets – Step By Step Info

With the Clever Widgets plugin, you can now determine precisely where your widget content should be shown to your visitors, based on categories, tags, post types and even down to include and exclude rules for specific pages.

Once installed Thrive Themes Clever plugin, go over to the Widgets area of your WordPress control panel.

You will notice below each widget is a new setting called Thrive Widget Display Options.

Thrive Themes Clever Widget Review - Image 1

Click on the “Thrive Widget Display Options” to continue

Pop-up dialog box will appear, showing variety of targeting options

Thrive Themes Clever Widget Review - Image 2

  1. Basic Settings

You can choose to display the widget in the front page, blog page, all posts, 404, all pages, and the search page.

  1. Categories etc.

You can choose the tags or categories where you want to the widget to be displayed.

  1. Posts

If you want the widget to be displayed on specific posts only, you can choose the posts from all the posts of your site.

  1. Pages

If you want to display the widget in specific pages, you can choose the pages from all the pages of your site.

  1. Page Templates

If your theme comes with any page template, you can display any of those templates.

  1. Post Types

You can choose to display the widget from all the available post types of your website, common types like posts, pages and attachment, any special post type of your theme can be selected from this section.

  1. Archive Pages

Entire archive related pages like the categories, tags, format etc. can be selected to display your widget from this section.

  1. Other

You can choose to display the widget only to the logged in or logged out visitors.

Exclusions section

If you want to hide the widget from any of these posts, pages, post types, archives, page templates etc., you can do that from the respective tabs of the exclusions section.

Finally, click the ‘Save & Close’ button to save the settings and get back to the widgets page.

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Make Your Website Smarter with Thrive Clever Widget

Thrive Clever Widgets unlocks a lot of potential new opportunities for monetization and growth. By using Thrive Clever Widgets, you could create more targeted, specific lead magnets based on specific posts on your site.

Thrive Themes Clever Widgets is very useful plugin that can make your website smarter and more relevant to boost your sales by converting almost 20% of your visitors.

Thrive Clever Widgets was designed to do one job, which is to control where on your website widgets appear, it does that and does it well. Displaying relevant offers or promotions to the targeted visitors can considerably increase your conversion rate.

Thrive Clever Widgets plugin is an innovative plugin to have smooth control over your widgets placement. My recommendation is to grab this plugin as it makes your site even more relevant to your readers and boost your sales also.

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