What is the difference between Linux and Windows Web Hosting

What is the difference between Linux and Windows Web Hosting

What is the difference between Linux and Windows Web Hosting” will provide detail information on the comparison between two different types of web host’s operating systems Linux and Windows Hosting.

What is the difference between Linux and Windows Web Hosting

Windows and Linux are the two types of platforms which are typically available for web hosting. Linux is safer and more efficient than Windows.

What is Linux Hosting

Linux is an UNIX- based and open source platform that is mainly used for Website hosting. Linux web hosting offers best solution to website hosting with limited budget.

The Linux platform is recognized for its stability and security. Using programming languages such as PHP, Perl, and MySQL, a developer can customize the variety of open source programs.

What is Windows Web Hosting

Windows is the most widely-known operating system in the world. For those who want a website designed with one of Microsoft’s programming languages such as ASP.NET, Window’s hosting is the most excellent choice. The platform also supports Microsoft’s many applications.

What is the difference between Linux and Windows Web Hosting

When it comes to Web hosting, Linux is widely measured to be the most excellent operating system for web servers. It is considered to be more reliable, stable and efficient; Linux is established in the most challenging environments of web servers. Windows hosting is slightly costlier when compared to Linux hosting.

If anyone is looking for complete prepared solutions to make website, require applications for blogs or other content management systems then more open and free source applications can be found in Linux hosting, while software for Windows hosting is more likely to be based on licensed sources which is chargeable (you will have to pay for it).

Operating System that you are using is not relevant

The system that your web host company runs has nothing to do with the system you are operating on your computer. For example if you are using Windows or something else, it does not mean that you need to get a web host that happens to be running on the same platform as you may be operating.

People mistakenly worry that if they use a system that is different from that of their web host, the two systems will not be compatible but it has nothing to do with your program compatibility. You will only be able to access your website using a web editor like FTP Program from your computer; difficulty of the user interface is depends on the web editor or similar program, which you can run on your own computer according to your operating system and has nothing to do with your web host.

Advantages of choosing Linux hosting

1. Low Cost

Biggest advantage of Linux hosting over Window hosting is low cost. Many Windows technologies are licensed which causes to take the cost upward. Linux hosting have more free to use applications.

2. Stable

When it comes to handling the pressure at particular point of time and delivering better performance, Linux hosting is more stable. One of the factor on which uptime is dependable is hosting, Linux operating system provide better maintenance of the system uptime.

3. Simplicity

Linux comes with pre-installed software which is easy to use. To maximize website productivity and performance, Linux was designed to support basic web hosting. Linux user can use web development tools like PHP, MySQL, CGI, Python, or Perl which makes the hosting experience easier and simpler.

Difference between Linux and Windows Web Hosting – Bottom Line

Linux provides cPanel (control panel) to its clients. cPanel is a Graphical Interface and it is very common and easy to use.

As a whole based on the features offered by both Linux and Windows, you can decide going for Linux hosting.

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